ABA Therapy in Riyadh

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Hunting for ABA therapy in Riyadh to provide the necessary guidance to your neurodivergent child? You’re not alone in this quest. Parents worldwide seek the same support that uplifts their children’s potential. This is the go-to guide to navigate the ABA therapy landscape in your locale. From finding the best ABA centers, and understanding costs to exploring pros and cons and success rates, we’ve got you covered.

Top 5 ABA Therapy in Riyadh

NameRatingType of CenterAddressOperating Hours
مركز رابا لتأهيل أطفال التوحد بال (ABA)4.8Mental health serviceطريق أنس ابن مالك، النرجسCloses 8 PM
Barrington Behavioral Health, LLC4.0Education center2309 Al Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Branch RdOpens Till 8PM
RABA Center4.6Rehabilitation centerطريق سعود بن فيصلOpens 8 AM
مركز رابا لتأهيل أطفال التوحد بال4.8Mental health service8001 Prince Fawaz Bin Abdulaziz St, 3616Opens Till 8PM
مركز واحة التوحد الطبي Autism Oasis Medical center5.0Medical centerشارع حائل، حي ظهرة لبن، شارع عسيرOpens Till 9PM

What is the average cost of an ABA session?

ABA session costs can be foggy. Worry not! We’ve put it plainly here.

The cost hinges on numerous factors – the center’s reputation, the location, intensity, and session duration. In Riyadh, ABA therapy can range between 200 to 400 SAR per hour. But there’s more to the story. Many centers propose package sessions that can substantially reduce the overall cost. It’s worth weighing these factors before deciding.

How much does an ABA tutor cost?

On top of the sessions, an ABA tutor can maximize learning outcomes. Now, what about cost?

Greedy, it’s not. The ABA tutor cost varies mainly with their expertise, location, and session length. Generally, the cost reigns between 150 to 300 SAR per hour. Financials aside, the real treasure trove is these tutors’ customized approach.

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What are the disadvantages of ABA therapy?

Every coin has its flip side. For instance, while ABA therapy offers benefits, it brings along a few trade-offs.

Above all, the intensity and the extensive hours could brim the kids and the parents. Now, the effectiveness of ABA is directly related to its wearisome schedule. It can become an endurance test. Moreover, the results vary with every kid’s unique learning abilities and developmental pace.

What is the success rate of ABA therapy?

Does ABA therapy really work? Here’s the bottom line.

A multitude of research studies indicate positive outcomes from ABA therapy. It has improved communication, social interactions, and academic performance among neurodivergent kids. In other words, it’s not magic, but it does make a striking difference in the lives of many families.

To sum up, navigating through ABA therapy services can feel like an uphill battle. But let’s recall – your child’s journey is unique, and the more informed you are, the better choices you make. It’s a journey worth embarking on, from selecting the ideal center, the cost considerations, and understanding the pros and cons to know about the typical success rate.

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