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Support for Parents Teaching Life Skills

Goally helps you teach life and language skills at home. Make your life easier. Set Goally on auto-pilot so you can be a parent, not a teacher.

Make Custom Routines,
Charts, & Checklists from Goally’s App

Goally can do the hard stuff, like taking the nagging out of a bedtime routine.

Goally can also do the fun stuff, like leading kids through cleanup time after arts and crafts.

Goally shows and tells kids what to do so you don’t have to nag.

How Goally Supports Parents

Let Goally be your parent assistant. We’ll help your kiddo through the big and small
stuff with visual schedules, a built-in token board system, and picture


Goally takes the
nagging & tears out
of bedtime routines.


It’s the same at
mom or dad’s


Get to school on time
AND get your kids to
make their beds.

Chore Charts

instructions and built
in rewards.

Give Kids the Tools to Be Independent.
Give Yourself the Space to Be a Parent.

Researched by Parents...
and Scientists!

In a Univeristy study, parents using
Goally reported amazing results.


fewer meltdowns


fewer arguments


less stress

Stop Nagging.

(for $249 per month)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 days coaching
  • Cancel anytime

FAQ: Goally for Neurodiverse Parenting

We recommend starting with a fun or easy routine. Some awesome ideas from parents like you include feeding the dog, making hot chocolate, getting ready for the park, etc. Once your kiddo has built a positive connection with Goally, you can start building in more routines that are focused on growing independence skills, like bedtime and mornings!

You can always talk to a Goally Parent Coach to see if Goally is a good fit for your family. We'll give you a full personalized tour.

Goally Parent Coaching is designed to help you integrate the Goally technology into your life. We'll give you a personalized run down of how to use our app with your kiddo. We'll also check in and see what questions you have along the way.
Goally Parent Coaching is free for the first 30 days for all parents of kids with special needs. After 30 days if you need more help, you can upgrade your Goally plan.

Yup! You can add unlimited care team members to your kiddo's account.


Kids who do well with
visual schedules and
supports love Goally.


Timers and audio
reminders make
transitions easy.


Helps kids follow
directions with bite-
sized pieces.


Motivate kids to make
progress with built-in


Goally plays audio
aids and even has an
AAC talker.