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Story Behind Goally

Our Mission

Our mission is to ease the lives of families with neurodiverse individuals.

Our Therapists

Penny the Penguin is a scientist who works on sounds and words. She’s an expert in communication.

Paully the Penguin is an expert at chilling. He gives kids good vibes and meditation in the Chill Zone.

Petey the Penguin is a mechanic fixing kids’ rockets in Game Garage so they don’t get “spaced out.”

Puffy the Penguin works in the Goal Mine teaching kids new skills so they can achieve their goals.

Poppy the Penguin is a specialist in getting things done on time. He guides kids through daily routines.

Pax the Penguin works at the Mood Tuner radio station where kids tune their moods.

Our Team

At the end of the day, we want to improve the relationship between you and your child while they learn to navigate life. Because you deserve to be a parent, not a therapist.