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Ordering FAQs

What is Goally?

Watch a tour of Goally here!

Can I pay for Goally with ESA funds?

Yes! We are covered by ESA programs in over 10 states (& counting!). Learn more HERE!

Can I get a purchase order or quote?

Yep! Just email [email protected] and let us know how many tablets you'd like a quote for.

How does Goally work?

When you sign up for a Goally account, you get access to all of Goally's premium apps on our distraction-free tablet. You also get access to the Parent App. Anything that happens on you kid's Goally is completely controlled by the parent.

Can I download Goally as just an app on my own device?

No, not if you want full Goally functionality. Here's why: iOS and Android security / privacy controls prevent us from implementing a lot of the night control features (like turning Goally into a night light & sound machine) when you're only using the app. We recommend only using Goally as an app as a back-up.

We also put Goally's apps on distraction-free tablets because kids learn best when they can't get on YouTube, social media, or the web.

For current app-only users: we are phasing out support for Goally as an app on non-Goally tablets. We recommend getting a tablet.

Does each child need their own Tablet?

Yes. Each Tablet shows only one kid's profile. Goally was meant to be customized for each child's individual goals. Their individual progress is tracked in the Parent app.

I'm a Provider looking to purchase for a family... what's the process?

Please order from the perspective of the parent. You can uncheck "billing same as shipping," and then the invoice will be sent to the email address included as the billing email address.

How does Goally coaching work?

We care SO much about making sure Goally works for YOUR kid that we offer free parent coaching.

Book a call HERE.

Learn what to expect HERE!

Shipping & Returns

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship anywhere USPS can reach.

How long does shipping take?

Standard US shipping takes an estimated 7 business days. International shipping takes an estimated 2 business weeks.

How much does shipping cost?

Standard shipping within the United States is free & included within the Goally purchase, international shipping costs $50.00.

Can I return my Goally if I don't like it?

Return Goally in great condition within 30 days, and you'll receive a full refund. If the tablet is returned with damage and cannot be repackaged for sale, you'll be charged for only the cost of the tablet. PLEASE NOTE: If you purchased Goally with ESA funds through ClassWallet or Odyssey, we cannot process refunds for ESA orders because ESA providers don’t offer a digital refund solution.

How does returning my tablet work?

Just print & fill out our simple return form to include in your package. Then ship your Goally device back to us at 3000 Lawrence St, Denver, CO 80205. Please note that we do not cover the cost of shipping a device back.

Shipping will process a return (Which includes confirmation of arrival & appropriate following action) within approximately 1 week of receiving it.

Getting Started

How do I log in to the Parent App?

1. Download Goally Parent App from your App store

2. Click “Get started”

3. Click “I’m a customer”

4. Sign in with Apple, Google, your email, or a text (Apple, and Google will log you right in, but if you chose email or text, type in either, and wait for the code)

5. Type in the code, and the app will log you in!

How do I log in to (or "Pair") my kid's Goally?

Just tap "Login" and follow the instructions. You’ll be asked to sign in with your email or text, just like you do to log in to the Care Team App.

Once you’re logged in, you should see your child’s name on the Home screen! Now, any changes you make from the Parent App, like making new routines & building rewards, will show up on your Goally.

How do I set up a second child account?

If you've ordered more than one Goally subscription, you can set up a second profile from inside the Parent App by tapping the dropdown at the top (that has your first child's name) and tapping Add Account. You'll see an option to make an additional user account in that menu!

How should I introduce Goally to my child?

Make the introduction of Goally FUN! Explore the tablet together, watch some videos, play some games, and do a fun routine! This builds a positive relationship between them and Goally.

What is the "Journey" tile in the Parent App?

Follow this guide to make Goally work for YOUR family. We'll walk you through everything step-by-step!

How do I add care team members?

1. Open and login to the Goally Parent App
2. Tap "Support" at the bottom of the homepage
3. Tap the little plus sign "+" next to 'Add Team Members'
4. Add name and relationship (like nanny or therapist)
5. Add their phone number
6. After you press “Done” that individual will receive a text with a link to download the Goally Parent App and a Super Secret login code to connect to your kiddo’s account.

How do I set up or customize a routine?

Our routines app is called CoPilot! In the Parent App, Tap "View All Copilots" -> "+." Choose from a Goally template or start from scratch! To make edits to existing CoPilots, tap the routine you want to change.

How do I connect Goally to wifi?

1. Tap the ‘the ‘gear’ in top right corner
2. Tap ‘wifi’
3. Enter the secret adult code (Don’t worry, we have to google these ourselves, too! 😂)

Which apps in Goally are customizable?

Almost all of them. You can use our default routines and rewards, or set up your very own. Every family is unique!

How do I set up Goally's reward system?

Set up a couple of small, medium, and long-term rewards for your kids. Their points act like a bank account, and they can spend their points how they like.

How do I use Goally's AAC for nonverbal Autism?

There are a few ways you can support your autistic kiddo as they start using our AAC Talker app!

As a parent, YOU can model language on your kiddo’s Talker. This helps reinforce alternative methods of communication, makes your kiddo feel more comfortable using their device to communicate, and allows you as a parent to also learn your kiddo’s new language ;) You can model language on your kiddo’s device OR download the Kid app (aka Goally Therapy Suite) on your phone and use it there - don’t worry the Talker settings will be the same!

TIP #1: Just start, and start small! As you’re verbally producing your sentence, you can pick symbols that match your message. This is called aided language modeling and supports participation and use of AAC.

TIP #2: Use the “Give a Hint” function on the Parent app (aka Goally Care Team app). If your kiddo (or you as a parent) can’t find the word you’re looking for, you can:
1. Open the Parent app
2. Tap “Language”
3. Search the word and press the green arrow
4. Tap the word and click on the “+” sign to tap “Give a Hint”
5. Then check your kiddo’s Goally device and it will guide them to the word

Word Lab

TIP #3: Use Word Lab. All kiddos can use more language support, which is exactly why we created the WordLab language learning app! In WordLab, Penny the Scientist teaches kiddos their core words using videos, guided teaching, sound production support, and guided learning to help with independence!

App Functionality

How do I hide apps on the Goally?

Tap the Settings Gear in your Parent App, and scroll down to Apps. They can be toggled on and off, along with daily time limits and allowable windows.

How do I use the Sleep Mode Camera?

From the Parent App home screen, tap the tile that says "Sleep Mode Live." Make sure you enable permissions to view the camera on Goally. You can view, speak, or listen from this screen. You can use the live camera any time Sleep Mode is active, whether it's running overnight or you launch it yourself from the Parent App.

Do all the apps need wifi to work?

Apps that don't need wifi:
-Prescheduled CoPilots
-Mood Tuner
-Moose Reading
-Khan Kids Library
-Scratch JR
-Moose Math
-Pet Bingo

Apps that need an active wifi connection:
-Goal Mine
-Chill Zone
-PIP Academy
-Game Garage
-Graffiti Street
-Word Lab
-Khan Academy
-Khan Kids full app

If you make any changes to an app from the Parent App, connect Goally to the internet to see your changes reflected.

Can I hide the settings icon on the Goally Tablet?

Yes! Here's how:

1. Open the Care Team app

2. Navigate to settings-> scroll all the way down to “[Your kiddo’s] Devices”.

3. Tap your dedicated device and toggle “Modify Settings” to OFF.

How does Goally's reward system work?

Goally's apps all work together to motivate your child to learn life skills. In CoPilot, kids earn points for every routine they complete. Parents can give points for positive behaviors in The Rules app. Kids can redeem the points they earn for a specific reward, or for game play time in Game Garage! In Mood Tuner, kids earn microphones as they learn how to regulate their bodies. Every app works together.

How do I customize rewards?

Here are the steps to creating rewards in Care Team App:

1. Open the Goally Parent App
2. Tap "Manage Rewards" on the homepage
3. Tap "+" next to Create New Reward
4. Enter the Reward name (ex: Extra Screen Time)
5. Choose a visual aid and point value
6. Tap "Save Reward"

What is "The Rules" app?

The Rules are good behaviors to set up to catch your kid doing good. Create new rules to award your kid points for doing awesome things! Record & reward those behaviors by tapping the "Record" button in the Parent App.

How do I get to "Deep Space" in Game Garage?

Your kids can unlock MORE games (through "Deep Space") once they've used Goally for 60 days! Encourage them to stay consistent with their routines so they can unlock new games (including "Stack the Pancakes," "Pop the Bug," & "Hungry Frog") within a few months.

How do I add words to my AAC Talker?

Our Talker app comes with a pre-programmed set of words. You’ll notice that not every word we have available for you to add is on Goally at the start. We have a dictionary of about 3300 words and variations for you to choose from! To Add More Words from Goally's Dictionary...
1. Open your Parent
2. Tap "Language Apps" -> AAC Talker
3. In the Search bar, type in your word (ex: happy) and tap the green arrow
4. Click on the word
5. Toggle on "[Child's name] Dictionary"
6. You should now be able to find it on your kiddo's Talker

How Do I Exit Goally's Night Light (Sleep Mode)?

Just hold down the "x" in the top right corner on Goally and input your super secret pin!

Accounts & Payment

Can I buy Goally using Buy Now, Pay Later or a Payment Installment Service?

Yes - PayPal Credit offers a line of credit to customers, allowing them to make purchases and pay over time. If you pay for Goally with PayPal, you may be able to use PayPal Credit.

How do I change my billing information?

Go to settings in the Parent App. Then update your card information.


My Parent App's not working! What do I do?

1. Logging in & logging out

2. Uninstalling & reinstalling the app (this just means deleting the app off your device and redownloading it!)

3. Disconnecting/reconnecting to wifi (Trying a different wifi is often helpful, too!)

4. Turning off and on your device.

5. If you have another device available, try downloading the app on it to see if the same problem occurs. You can login on multiple devices!

My Tablet's not working... What do I do?

1. Powering on/Powering off

2. Unpair (“logout of”) your device and repair ( “login”). To do this, make sure your device is connected to wifi. Then open the Care Team app and navigate to settings-> scroll all the way down to “[Your kiddo’s] Devices”. Select the dedicated device and scroll ALL the way down to “Unpair Device." Your device should reset to our demo mode profile named “Poppy!” To log back in, just tap “Customize” and follow the instructions.

3. Make sure your Goally has the latest update. On the Goally device, go to Settings-> About-> “Check For Updates.” Make sure you’re connected to wifi so it can receive any updates it needs to.

4. Try disconnecting and reconnecting from wifi. You can do this by turning the wifi off/on, or by “forgetting” the network and then reconnecting.

5. Still not working? Email [email protected] with videos and photos of what's happening.

Why won't my tablet charge?

Make sure your device is plugged in ALL the way. Also, try different outlets to make sure the outlet you’re charging from is working.

How long should by Goally battery last?

Our tablet is small so it can be portable, which means it's got a bit of a smaller battery. If you're running Goally routines consistently, our dedicated tablet will last around 5 hours. If Goally's not being used during the day, our tablet's designed to last from morning to night while sitting idle before needing to be plugged in again.

Turning your brightness down to less than 50% will help conserve the battery a lot. You can also get a portable charger that may help when taking Goally on the fly.

My Goally is broken! Can I get a replacement?

Our 90 day Worry-Free Guarantee means that if your tablet breaks, we'll give you a free replacement! You'll cover the $15 shipping fee; we'll take care of the rest. To get your replacement, send us a photo of your broken tablet. Just tap the "Contact Us" chat icon on our website! If it's been more than 90 days, explain your situation. We offer generous discounts on replacements for families using Goally within the first 8 months.

My weather app isn't showing the right info! How do I change the location?

No problem! Just open your Care Team app and go to Settings -> "My Account." Make sure the address is correct! You should also make sure the address is correct under "[Your Child]'s profile."