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Best App to Learn First 50 Words | Word Lab

Teach AAC & core words with the best language learning app for kids. Modeling is done by real people. Pronunciation is taught by a pro. Practice is fun & interactive!

The best language learning apps for kids has Penny the Penguin leading the way.

Who Is This App For?

Early language learners

Kids with a speech delay

Gestalt Language Processors

Kids with nonverbal autism or apraxia

Parents worried about a speech delay

Parents waiting for speech services

SLPs transferring strategy to home

The Science of Word Lab

Start Talking

(for 60 cents/day)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 day coaching
  • Cancel anytime

What Kids Will Learn

Words like “I,” “What,” & “Eat”

How to communicate with others

How to pronounce core words

Where to find words on an AAC app

Real examples of words in action

Kids Practice, Mimic, & Repeat

2 Goallys showing Word Lab, one of the best language learning apps for kids, where one is modeling the word

Kids hear & practice the core word in a lesson dozens of times. They learn how to say it, when to use it, & where to find it on Goally's AAC talker. There's a reason Word Lab is the one of the best language learning apps for kids because they do more than just learn; they practice, too!

Earn Stars for Every Lesson

The best language learning apps for kids is Word Lab, shown here. The image is a hand holding a blue Goally on Word Lab's home screen showing the core word lessons for

Goally's penguin characters Penny & Snowball encourage kids to practice & repeat by giving them stars for each lesson they complete.

AAC App Included

The best language learning apps for kids is Goally, shown here. The AAC app is displayed on a blue dedicated Goally device made for nonverbal autistic kids with apraxia and other neurodiverse diagnoses.

Kids learn the meaning AND location of core words. Goally's suite of therapy apps includes an AAC app with hundreds of core & fringe words- with every core word getting its own lesson in Word Lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Word Lab cost?

$15/mo. Word lab is one of the best language learning apps for kids because it comes with Goally's entire suite of apps made to help kids learn life and language skills. This subscription includes all of Goally's apps!

Will Word Lab teach my child AAC?

Yes! The best language learning apps for kids help kids learning the meaning of words, including through picture communication. This is what Word Lab does! It's even paired with the AAC app on Goally so kids can implement what they've learned through interactive practice.

What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Learn more about our (included) AAC app HERE!

What's the science behind Goally's Word Lab?

Our resident SLP, Tanna Neufeld, advised the development of our AAC app and Word Lab content to include strategies that help kids learn language FAST.

What if my kid hates it?

There are no contracts, so if the best language learning app for kids (just saying! 😉) isn't right for YOUR child, just email us and we'll cancel your subscription.

Is Goally suitable for kids with different learning abilities?

Yes, Goally is designed to be inclusive, catering to varying learning needs and ensuring every child has the opportunity to excel in language learning. Any kid can use Goally, whether they are neurotypical, autistic, or have a different developmental delay!

Why is Goally one of the best language learning apps for kids?

Goally offers interactive and engaging language learning experiences, making it a top choice for kids to build robust language and life skills effectively.

How does Goally help in improving kids’ language skills?

Goally provides tailored lessons and activities, fostering an enriching learning environment that enhances children's language acquisition and comprehension.


Parents & Pros Goally's purple heart. Goally

Absolutely love this company! This is the BEST language learning app for kids out there! And the support team is super helpful in getting started.

Stacy L.

Goally was instrumental in establishing a routine with our daughter with ADHD. We went from daily meltdowns to peace and cooperation on the very first day. The visual schedule app changed our lives

Nicole T.

My ADHD-Anxiety 10 yo LOVES his Goally [...]. We use it to help keep him on task. We create routines together, test them together, make adjustments to them based on his feedback & let him determine the rewards store for things that are meaningful to him. Keeping him involved in the set-up has provided him a sense of power & ownership for his responsibilities

Candace J.

We got our Goally on Monday and I was able to set everything up pretty quickly. And guess what, [my son] is obsessed with it!!! It has already helped the morning routine tremendously. He’s getting up without me when the Goally goes off and he’s very eager to get everything done in the allotted time. This whole week we have been leaving for school at the perfect time.

Jennifer C.

It’s going well! [My son] loves our hot chocolate routine. Often he will bring goally over to indicate to make it or other times he will ask for hot chocolate and I say go grab goallly. It sure has helped making kitchen time more structured and less chaotic! I hope to add a few more fun routines, before we get into more serious goals, but haven’t gotten there yet!


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