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Developmental Ages

3 to 11

years old





Make custom chore charts, checklists, first-then boards. Each activity gets pictures, video, audio, and timers. Kids win rewards for doing their work. Gamify bedtime and morning routines.




Time Management




Key Features

Included on the Goally Tablet


Kids day schedule, like a calendar


Automated notifications


Gamification with points and rewards

Interactive 'Brush Your Teeth' reminder with a countdown timer, part of the visual schedule app by Goally's CoPilot app, designed to encourage dental hygiene in a fun way for children
Engaging visual schedule app interface showing 'Put On Pajamas' task with a timer, a part of the CoPilot app by Goally, designed to assist with daily routines
CoPilot app rewards screen from the visual schedule app, showcasing earned puzzle pieces and points, a motivational tool created by Goally
CoPilot app's nightlight feature lock screen, part of the visual schedule app by Goally, facilitating a seamless bedtime routine for users
Visual schedule app's weekly routine overview with custom images, from the CoPilot app by Goally, to simplify daily tasks for users
Step-by-step hand washing guide from the visual schedule app, a detailed feature of the CoPilot app by Goally, promoting good hygiene practices
Interactive gardening task checklist within the visual schedule app, a user-friendly component of the CoPilot app by Goally
Morning alarm setup screen from the visual schedule app, an essential feature of the CoPilot app by Goally, helping users start their day on time
Homework task completion screen with reward visualization, a part of the visual schedule app from CoPilot by Goally, designed to incentivize users



Time Management




Parent App Controls

Free parent app included to manage Goally tablets


Upload your own photos & videos


Follow along with routines remotely


Track progress with reports

Step-by-step morning routine setup in a visual schedule app for simplifying daily tasks
Interactive visual schedule app for CoPilot interface showing daily tasks for efficient parenting.
Visual schedule app display with remote follow-along feature for monitoring morning routines.
Visual schedule app screen for tracking child's task completion and independence levels
Customizable reward system within a visual schedule app to encourage kids' participation
Visual schedule app options for setting recurring or one-time routines for children. Parents control everything and can schedule a CoPilot for any time of day.
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What Will Kids Learn


How to get ready for school and bed


How to plan their day


Executive functioning skills


CoPilot Tutorial



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2 Days Ago

β€œCoPilot continues to be a critical part of our morning routine."

-Daniel S.

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5 Days Ago

"This made a HUGE difference in my kids’ behavior."

-Callie M.

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1 Month Ago

"Our daughter can now dress herself independently."

-Landon M.

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January 11

"Feels likeI bought $1000s of worth therapy for $300."

-Jennifer K.

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July 5

"Leaving is much easier now using his "Go Bye Bye" routine!"

-Paige W.

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May 4

"Works great for our 13 year old ASD/ADHD son."

-Jessica M.

Science of Copilot

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90-Day Worry Free Guarantee

Kids are roughβ€” we get it. If your Goally gets broken within 90 days, we’ll replace it for free.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I add my phone photos and videos?

Yes! Customize any CoPilot with your own photos, video, and even audio, all from the Parent App.

Can I schedule a recurring CoPilot for things we do frequently?

Yes! You can customize a CoPilot schedule no matter when you need it. We offer the ability to schedule multiple times a day, all days of the week, and even monthly or annually.

My child uses checklists. Is that an option in CoPilot?

The visual schedule app, CoPilot, uses pictures, text, timers, and audio cues to guide kids through each task and provide positive reinforcement along the way.

How does the Visual Schedule app make routines easier for kids?

CoPilot works for any routine! Examples include getting ready for school, bedtime, chores, hygiene tasks, or even practicing a specific skill.

What kind of routines can I put in the Visual Schedule app?

Visual schedules, checklists, tasks, reminders, and even first-thens! Kids also see a weekly calendar view.

Can I involve my teacher or therapist?

Yes! You can add unlimited care team members to your kiddo's account. They can help create visual schedules, routines, and rewards from their own account on Goally's Parent App.