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Behavior Tracking Apps for Kids | "The Rules"

Behavior tracking apps are so... boring 😴. With The Rules, kids have FUN working on reward-worthy behaviors.

Release Date: March 15, 2023

Spy penguin is using the behavior tracking apps by Goally to learn good behavior and earn rewards.

Who Are Behavior Tracking Apps For?

Points-motivated kids

Kids working on behavior changes

Parents & teachers tracking behaviors

BCBAs transferring strategy to home

The Science of Goally's Behavior Tracker

Start Tracking

(for 60 cents/day)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 day coaching
  • Cancel anytime

What Will Kids Learn?


Impulse control

Good VS bad behaviors

Positive reinforcement & motivation

Create "Rules" Kids Understand

Blue Goally with

Kids can see what to do (and what to avoid!) to get the most points throughout the day— WITHOUT you reminding them 24/7. Create & edit limitless behaviors for anything your family is working on.

Control Everything From the Parent App

A smartphone displaying the Goally Care Team app on the behavior tracking apps. The app shows that parent is recording the behavior

Record a behavior you noticed with a simple tap. Create new ones within seconds. You can award, keep neutral, or take away points.

See Progress & Share Data

2 Smartphones showing Goally Care Team App's behavior tracker data. This is part of the behavior tracking apps by Goally

See how often a behavior was recorded over weeks & months. Send reports to therapists or teachers to help them improve strategies for your kid!

Track Behaviors at Home, School, & Therapy

A smartphone displaying the Goally Care Team app which is part of the behavior tracking apps on the

Invite unlimited Care Team members to record behaviors throughout the entire day.

Get Goally's Skill-Building Tablet for Kids

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Get Goally's entire suite of skill-building apps on one device. Our tablet has no web browser, no social media, no advertisements, no distractions.

FAQ's About Behavior Tracking Apps

How much does Goally's cost?

Get the language-learning apps for as low as $19/mo. This includes our AAC app, Balloons app, & Word Lab! Get all of Goally's apps for as low as $15/mo! Our distraction-free, skill-building tablet is $149. That's a great option if you want a dedicated device to be your kiddo's voice.

Can I upload my own photos?

Yep! Add custom images for any behavior you're tracking.

Can my kid's therapist or teacher track behaviors too?

Yes! Invite unlimited care team members to the Care Team app so they can record behaviors they see, too. (pst! It's free to invite people!)

What if my kid doesn't like it?

No problem - there are no contracts or risk with Goally's monthly plan. If you or your kiddo doesn't like it, just let us know and we will cancel your subscription. If it's just the balloon app they don't like, don't worry- we have other dexterity-building games to keep them engaged (like Graffiti Street!


Parents & Pros Goally's purple heart. Goally

"My little lady is loving the Goally. It makes morning and night routines go smooth and gives me piece of mind that she can use it to talk with me or anyone else."

—Allyne S.

"My son started talking! He was non verbal when we ordered and with the help of his Goally and his speech therapist he had now been talking for 6 months. He no longer utilizes the Goally since he can verbally tell us what he needs and we no longer need the visual schedules anymore. He has made so much progress since we ordered it!"


"We’ve only had our device two days and it has already changed our lives. My autistic 3 year old just got points for Being Kind because he hugged his brother. He had not once acknowledged his brother till today and he’s 4 months old."


"My ADHD-Anxiety 10 yo LOVES his Goally [...]. We use it to help keep him on task. We create routines together, test them together, make adjustments to them based on his feedback & let him determine the rewards store for things that are meaningful to him. Keeping him involved in the set-up has provided him a sense of power & ownership for his responsibilities."

—Candace J.

"We got our Goally on Monday and I was able to set everything up pretty quickly. And guess what, [my son] is obsessed with it!!! It has already helped the morning routine tremendously. He’s getting up without me when the Goally goes off and he’s very eager to get everything done in the allotted time. This whole week we have been leaving for school at the perfect time."

—Jennifer C.


Goally takes the nagging & tears out of bedtime routines.

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Chat IEP

Tired of decoding IEPs? Our AI Chatbot makes sense of it for you 👊

Free Routine

Build a free printable visual schedule- no strings attached.

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"What is...?"

All things neurodiversity explained in one place.

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