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Goally's Reward Chart for Kids

Create a reward system that actually motivates your kiddo; we'll do all the tracking.

The best language learning apps for kids has Penny the Penguin leading the way.

Who Is This App For?

Kids who love celebrations!

Kids motivated by points & rewards

Parents tired of keeping track of points

Therapists using positive reinforcement

Parents looking for a reward chart for kids

Kids who need ONE consistent reward system

The Science of Goally's Token Economy

Start Rewarding

(for 60 cents/day)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 day coaching
  • Cancel anytime

What Kids Will Learn:

Goal-setting skills

Intrinsic motivation

Executive functioning skills

How to stay engaged with Goally

How to use a reward chart for kids

How to stay motivated during routines

Kids EARN Points For Staying On Task...

Goally's tablet offers a reward chart for kids to reward them with good behavior.

Reward kids with points & puzzle pieces for completing routines like bedtime, following rules, and watching video classes.

Made to be a reward chart for kids in any stage, they can choose between numeric points, simple stars, or one big reward.

...& REDEEM Points Across All Goally Apps!

2 Goallys, one displaying a reward chart for kids called

Kids can redeem points or stars they earned in the Rewards app for external rewards like "Park Day." Or, they can redeem game play or healthy screen time right on Goally.

Customize Rewards From the Parent App

a Goally device on a Rewards screen showing a reward chart for kids that says

Customize Goally to give kids the power to be more independent, no matter what motivates them.

Create small, medium, and large rewards that kids can redeem when YOU say they can.

Built-In (Healthy!) Screen Time as a Reward 👇

A Blue Goally showing the Chill Zone channel of the TV app on Goally. Next to it is a smart phone displaying Goally's Care Team app on Chill Zone's settings, where parents can set points that kids have to spend to spend time in Chill Zone. These points are part of the reward chart for kids.

Most kids love "screen time" as a reward. That's why we made hundreds of low-stimulation, relaxing videos that kids can redeem points to watch right on Goally.

Get Goally’s Dedicated Tablet

2 Goallys overlapping, one pink, one blue. The front one displays a bedtime routine on the step

Keep the focus on skill-building. Our tablet has no web browser, no social media, no advertisements, no distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Goally cost?

Get the entire suite of therapy apps (including Goally's reward app) for as low as $15/mo. Our distraction-free, skill-building tablet is only $149, which is perfect for kids who get easily distracted on Youtube, social media, or the web.

Can I upload my own photos?

Yup! Everything is totally customizable.

You can take and upload your own photo of the rewards that your child loves the most so they recognize what they're working toward!

What type of rewards can I make?

Any kind, with any point value. There's also a space to add a custom picture, so if your kiddo can't read quite yet, they'll be able to see what they're working for.

Do I have to use Goally's other features?

Nope! You can adjust points manually and turn off all other apps for your kiddo.

Can I involve my teacher or therapist?

Yes! You can add unlimited care team members to your kiddo's account. They can help create visual schedules, routines, and rewards from their own account on Goally's Care Team App.

Can I use my own device instead of Goally's tablet?

Yes! You can download Goally's app and use our reward chart for kids on almost any device. But we recommend the dedicated tablet if your kiddo loves to hop on Youtube when they know they're not supposed to 😉

What if my kid doesn't like it?

No problem - there are no contracts or risk with Goally. If you or your kiddo doesn't like it, just let us know and we will cancel your subscription.

However, it's pretty rare that kid doesn't love their Goally when it's implemented the right way! We recommend starting Goally with a fun routine and easy-to-achieve reward. Som ideas from our parents: feed the dog, get ready for the park, make hot chocolate, etc.

Let kids create a positive relationship with Goally!


Parents & Pros Goally's purple heart. Goally

Absolutely love this company! Never thought this day would come but he is cleaning his room all on his own! On to doing the bedtime routine again! See how much of that he can get done on his own! Absolutely love this company and goally!

Kimberly E.

Goally was instrumental in establishing a routine with our daughter with ADHD. We went from daily meltdowns to peace and cooperation on the very first day. The visual schedule app changed our lives

Nicole T.

My ADHD-Anxiety 10 yo LOVES his Goally [...]. We use it to help keep him on task. We create routines together, test them together, make adjustments to them based on his feedback & let him determine the rewards store for things that are meaningful to him. Keeping him involved in the set-up has provided him a sense of power & ownership for his responsibilities

Candace J.

We got our Goally on Monday and I was able to set everything up pretty quickly. And guess what, [my son] is obsessed with it!!! It has already helped the morning routine tremendously. He’s getting up without me when the Goally goes off and he’s very eager to get everything done in the allotted time. This whole week we have been leaving for school at the perfect time.

Jennifer C.

It’s going well! [My son] loves our hot chocolate routine. Often he will bring goally over to indicate to make it or other times he will ask for hot chocolate and I say go grab goallly. It sure has helped making kitchen time more structured and less chaotic! I hope to add a few more fun routines, before we get into more serious goals, but haven’t gotten there yet!



Goally takes the nagging & tears out of bedtime routines.

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Tired of decoding IEPs? Our AI Chatbot makes sense of it for you 👊

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Build a free printable visual schedule- no strings attached.

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All things neurodiversity explained in one place.

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