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Emotional Regulation App for Kids | Mood Tuner

Help kids identify & regulate their emotions BEFORE there's a meltdown.

Release Date: March 30, 2023

Goally's penguin named Pax, who is the penguin over the emotional regulation app, wearing pink headphones. He has tattoos on his arm and a nose ring.

Who Is This App For?

Kids with big emotions

Kids learning how to express feelings

Kids who learn by FUN, interactive practice

Parents tired of unpredictable meltdowns

Therapists & teachers teaching calming strategies

The Science of Mood Tuner

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What Kids Will Learn:

Emotional intelligence

How to express emotions

How to identify identify feelings

Coping skills (breathing, sensory play...)

Manage Big Feelings BEFORE there's a Meltdown

2 Blue Goallys displaying Mood Tuner app. which is a helpful emotional regulation app for kids.One screen shows the radio with all 4 zones of regulation available. The second shows a screen asking kids to select which emotion Josh, the kid on screen, is displaying. He's happy.

Kids learn which emotion each “color” represents through gamified practice.

When they tap the “color” they are feeling, Pax the Penguin gives them 10+ activities to choose from. They watch a tutorial, then do the activity themselves to manage their big emotions.

Parents Have Full Control

A Blue Goally displaying Mood Tuner, an emotional regulation app, app's activities under the mood

Set time windows to limit screen time. Choose which activities belong in which “mood." Control everything remotely.

Unlock New Microphones With Practice

2 Blue Goallys displaying Mood Tuner app, an emotional regulation app. One screen shows the trophy room, where kids see which microphones they've earned by tuning their mood many times. The second shows a Pax the Penguin at his desk using the most recently earned microphone.

Pax the Penguin keeps learning FUN. By "tuning" their own mood, kids unlock cool microphones Pax can use during his podcast about his feelings.

Get Goally’s Dedicated Tablet

A hand holding a blue Goally displaying Mood Tuner on the screen which is an emotional regulation app. This app helps kids with emotional regulation.

Keep the focus on skill-building. Our tablet has no web browser, no social media, no advertisements, no distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the length of time of calm-down activities?

For sure! You decide how long kids should practice the exercise they chose after they watch the short tutorial video modeling the activity for them. 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 22 seconds... it's up to you! 😉 Change the count-down time from your parent app.

Can I control what time my kids use the app?

Yep! Mood tuner is only open when you say so. No need to take away your kiddo's device - manage the available time windows on your parent app.

My kiddo doesn't like "___" activity. Can I disable certain videos?

Yes! Everything is totally customizable. Toggle on or off anything in Goally from your parent app, and assign different emotional regulation exercises to different "moods" as you see fit.

Can I involve my teacher or therapist?

Yes! You can add unlimited care team members to your kiddo's account. Get everyone on the same page in your kiddo's emotional regulation journey!

What if my kid hates it?

No problem - there are no contracts or risk with Goally. If you or your kiddo doesn't like all of the fun learning apps Goally has to offer, just let us know and we will cancel your subscription. However, it's pretty rare that kid doesn't love their Goally when it's implemented the right way. That's what our parent coaching calls are for!


Parents & Pros Goally's purple heart. Goally

"Within a week of using Goally's Mood Tuner, our daughter was going through her schedule with ease and very few meltdowns!"

— Frances E.

"Lifesaving game changer! So great to have a device that supports the daily routine for our neurotypical loved ones. The one-on-one coaching with the company is really great too!"


The concept, flexibility, extensibility, and execution of your product was done very well.


"My autistic 3 year old just got points for Being Kind because he hugged his brother. He had not once acknowledged his brother till today and he’s 4 months old."

—Sara M.


Goally takes the nagging & tears out of bedtime routines.

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