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Video Games that Keeps Kids Motivated | Game Garage

Use Game Garage keep kids on task & manage screen time— WITHOUT negotiation.


Who Is This App For?

Kids who love iPad time

Kids learning time management

Kids motivated by games & rewards

Parents tired of negotiating screen time

The Science of Game Garage

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What Kids Will Learn

Time management skills

How to moderate screen time

Motivation to complete routines

Story-driven gameplay that's FUN

You Set the Rules, We Make Them Fun.

Kids know exactly how much time they have to play. Parents set schedules. Goally’s characters warn kids with a flashing screen to get “back to base” BEFORE time’s up.

Make Gameplay The Reward

2 Goallys Showing Game Garage. One Goally displays the planet selection (where kids choose which games they want to play) and the second shows where they can choose petey's outfit with points.

Use Game Garage to teach screen time management by itself, or connect it with other Goally features so kids can earn their time with points. Kids can earn points when they complete routines, like bedtime or chores, independently.

Get Goally’s Dedicated Tablet

2 Goallys overlapping, one pink, one blue. The front one displays a bedtime routine on the step

Keep the focus on skill-building. Our tablet has no web browser, no social media, no advertisements, no distractions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control what time my kids play games?

Yup! Game Garage is only open when you say so. No need to take away a device - set all times on your parent app.

"___" game always causes a meltdown. Can I turn it off?

Yes! Everything is totally customizable. Toggle on or off anything in Goally from your parent app.

Can I involve my teacher or therapist?

Yes! You can add unlimited care team members to your kiddo's account. Get everyone on the same page in your kiddo's language journey!

What if my kid hates it?

No problem - there are no contracts or risk with Goally. If you or your kiddo doesn't like If you or your kiddo doesn't like our Language Learning App just let us know and we will cancel your subscription. However, it's pretty rare that kid doesn't love their Goally when it's implemented the right way. That's what our parent coaching calls are for!


Parents & Pros Goally's purple heart. Goally

"My ADHD-Anxiety 10 yo LOVES his Goally [...]. We use it to help keep him on task. We create routines together, test them together, make adjustments to them based on his feedback & let him determine the rewards store for things that are meaningful to him. Keeping him involved in the set-up has provided him a sense of power & ownership for his responsibilities."

—Candace J.

"It has been a HUGE game changer!! Our little guy is independent during his morning and bedtime routines! No more nagging or crying (from any of us). I have already been recommending it to friends!"

—Shannon A.

"My daughter loves it so much she said 'Can we make a morning routine for the holiday too?!' It's beautiful. The app is lovely. Daughter takes it everywhere. Her principal said 'we need Goally for every kid in school, not only those with neurodiversities!'

—Lila P.

"It’s going well! [My son] loves our hot chocolate routine. Often he will bring Goally over to indicate to make it or other times he will ask for hot chocolate and I say go grab Goallly. It sure has helped making kitchen time more structured and less chaotic! I hope to add a few more fun routines, before we get into more serious goals, but haven’t gotten there yet!"


"We got our Goally on Monday and I was able to set everything up pretty quickly. And guess what, [my son] is obsessed with it!!! It has already helped the morning routine tremendously. He’s getting up without me when the Goally goes off and he’s very eager to get everything done in the allotted time. This whole week we have been leaving for school at the perfect time."

—Jennifer C.


Goally takes the nagging & tears out of bedtime routines.

Illustration of crescent moon surrounded by 3 stars. Everything is yellow on a transparant background.

Chat IEP

Tired of decoding IEPs? Our AI Chatbot makes sense of it for you 👊

Free Routine

Build a free printable visual schedule- no strings attached.

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"What is...?"

All things neurodiversity explained in one place.

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