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We Make Suite of Apps
for Special Needs Kids.

Goally was designed for unique thinkers, like kids with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder. Our tools also help many other kids with special needs.

Goally’s Apps Helps Kids with Special
Needs Learn Independence Skills

Ever felt like you might not have made it through your day without your digital calendar or reminders app?

Well, why not give kids the same tools that make us successful as adults?

Customize Goally to give kids the power to be
more independent, no matter where they are developmentally.

We Love Kids With Special Needs

Our tools support parents of kids with special needs.
No more nagging, nor more stress. Enjoy your time with your kids; let Goally do the rest.


Kids who do well with visual schedules and supports love Goally.


Timers and audio reminders make transitions easy.


Help kids follow directions.


Motivate kids to make progress with built-in rewards.


Goally plays audio aids and even has an AAC talker.


Routines & alerts help kids with memory.

Give Kids the Tools to Be Independent.
Give Yourself the Space to Be a Parent.

Researched by Moms...
and Scientists!

In a Univeristy study, parents using
Goally reported amazing results.


fewer meltdowns


fewer arguments


less stress

Stop Nagging.

(for $249 per month)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 days coaching
  • Cancel anytime

We’re on a Mission to Make the Best Apps for Kids
with Special Needs

Goally's apps for kids with special needs allows you to bring home the tools from the professionals. Our suite of apps includes a visual scheduler, token board and reward system, soothing sleep sounds, alarm clock, behavior tracker, AAC talker, and more all for less than the cost of an insurance co-pay.

We want you to have fun with your kid and not feel like you're nagging them through every little thing. Goally is designed to implement therapy strategies at home so you can be a parent, not a therapist.

Our tools help kids build essential independence skills like time management, working memory, communication, and more. We want to help you help your kiddo!

Learn More About What We Do:

We designed Goally's apps with special needs kids in mind. See who we help and how we do it -

Soothing Sleep
Sounds App

Help kids get to bed, fall asleep, and stay in bed,

Token Board &
Reward App

Kids earn rewards when they complete routines.

Visual Schedule
Sounds App

No more paper! We make digital visual aids easy.

Word Lab

Kids learn the meaning of words through interactive practice.

ASD Friendly Alarm
Clock App

We help kids wake up easier with friendly sounds.

Behavior Chart
Tracker App

Customizable charts designed to help kids grow.

AAC Talker

Easy to use picture communication and parent modeling.

Visual Timer

We help kids understand time with a simple visual.

Game Center
Reward App

Emotion regulation and parent controlled screen time.