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All-In-One Bedtime & Sleep App for Kids That Helps Everyone Sleep.

Help kids get to bed, fall asleep, and stay in bed. No more bedtime tears or stress, for anyone.

Goally is a Bedtime Manager, Sound Machine, & Alarm Clock.

More than just a sleep app for kids - Goally makes everything about bedtime easier. Let us manage the whole bedtime routine, help kids fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up on time.

Manage a Nag-Free Bedtime from
Goally’s App on Your Phone ?

We’ll help you add pictures, videos, and a timer.

You can schedule bedtime so it happens consistently for your child.

Goally helps your kids so you don’ have to nag.

You & Your Kids Get a Full Night's Rest

Goally is a sound machine and alarm clock.

If your kid gets up too early we tell them to GO BACK TO BED!!!

“If your Goally is red, GO BACK TO BED!!!!”

Nobody Sleeps Well When They’re Stressed.

Let Goally’s sleep app put the kids to bed and give them a sense of independence. Mom & Dad skip straight to the good night kisses.

Parents Love Goally

"Almost immediately, my kid started following the routines. It was like magic. I didn't need to tell him what to do.” —Michelle P

“For the third night in a row, our son has gone to bed WITHOUT me having to lay down with him.” —Caitlyn R

“My son used to get so frustrated during transitions. There are a lot fewer tears in our house now." —Lauren S

"My son thrives on routine but my husband and I are separated so it's really hard to give him that consistency. Goally has made it so much easier for us." —Melanie W

“We had been trying toilet training for 6 months. Then we got a Goally and made more progress in 2 days than the entire prior 6 months." —Jamie S

Give Kids the Tools to Be Independent.
Give Yourself the Space to Be a Parent.

Researched by Moms...
and Scientists!

In a Univeristy study, parents using
Goally reported amazing results.


fewer meltdowns


fewer arguments


less stress

Stop Nagging.

(for 70 cents/day)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 days coaching
  • Cancel anytime

FAQ: Sleep App for Kids

You can set a morning routine to happen when you'd like Goally's sleep app to end. Goally will play a sound and encourage kids to get out of bed and start their routine.

Yes! Everything is totally customizable.

We've added unique sounds and images, not just your traditional white noise, to help kids with sensory processing disorder sleep better. We have hymns, a babbling brook, and more.

A good bedtime routine means less stress for you, and your kiddo. We all sleep better when we're more relaxed.

Goally's sleep app was designed based on feedback from real parents of kids with autism and ADHD.

Head over to the web portal and just hit "sleep mode". Goally will help you with setup, step-by-step. You can also find sleep under "visual schedules" in Goally's Care Team App.

We’re on a Mission to Make the Best Apps for Kids with Special Needs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a good night of sleep was just about a decent white-noise machine? Unfortunately, it’s not that simple! Goally makes a sleep app for kids that addresses all factors of sleep.

How we sleep is directly affected by how we feel. A relaxing bedtime routine with no tears, no surprises, and no nagging can make a huge difference. Goally lets parents customize the steps of bedtime and helps kids feel more independent.

Then we do that easy stuff, like soothing sounds and night lights.

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Token Board &
Reward App

Kids earn rewards when they complete routines.

Visual Schedule

No more paper! We make digital visual aids easy.

ASD Friendly Alarm
Clock App

We help kids wake up easier with friendly sounds.

Behavior Chart
Tracker App

Customizable charts designed to help kids grow.

AAC Talker

Easy to use picture communication and parent modeling.

Visual Timer

We show kids how any amount of time

Game Center
Reward App

Emotion regulation and parent controlled screen time.