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Get the Best Homeschool Apps for Your Kids

Goally helps children ages 3–14 with everything from toilet training, to transitioning between activities, to learning a new school subject. We'll help you set up visual aids, token boards, and more in minutes.

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Goally's Homeschool Apps

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I want to make sure my child is sticking to the curriculum we have outlined."
"It's so hard to get my child to transition from one classroom activity to the next."
"I can't figure out a good way to track my child's academic progress."

We make it easy to set up routines & rewards quickly. Use Goally's Digital Visual Scheduler & integrated Token Board System on any mobile phone/tablet, or our dedicated, distraction-free device.

Set Up Schedules & Track Progress

We’ll help you add pictures, videos, and a timer right from your phone.

You can schedule routines so they always know when it's time to practice, even without prompting from parents.

Goally shows kids what to do, step-by-step, even when you're not there. We'll record and report how long they took to each step in the routine, so you can make strategy changes that matter, faster.

Give Rewards & Encourage Kids to Be Independent

You have the power to customize the Goally however it will work best for your student. Create custom schedules, outline assignments, and mark tasks complete right in Goally.

We'll help keep kids motivated with integrated rewards.

Set a Homeschool Curriculum on the Apps & Watch Kids Make Progress

Goally helps parents transfer evidence-based practices, like video modeling and visual schedules, to the homeschool classroom. Now you have a digital assistant to be there when you're not! You can...

  • You set a custom curriculum and daily schedule.
  • Your child can easily see what to do next.
  • They can check off when an assignment has been completed.
  • You spend less time directing their learning and more time celebrating their good work.
  • Visual Schedule

    No more paper! We make digital visual aids easy.

    Token Board

    Built in motivation for every routine, chart, and checklist.

    Behavior Tracker

    Customizable charts designed to help kids grow.

    Visual Timer

    We show kids how any amount of time works, visually.

    Homeschool Families Love Goally

    "After trying every way possible to keep track of my daughter's progress, I finally decided to try Goally. Best decision ever. It has been the reason I finally feel like I can do this whole homeschooling thing... and crush it." —Valerie K

    "I'm terrible at time management, so I first tried Goally to keep my son on task during his school hours. Not only did it do the trick, but it's also helping my son become more independent." —Morgan V

    "I don't have to nag my kids anymore! The Goally rewards system has helped motivate them so much to finish their school work. I finally don't feel like the bad guy." —Michelle P

    "I have three kids who are all at different learning levels. Goally has been a life saver in helping me keep all of their curriculums straight and make sure they're all on track." —Lauren S

    FAQ's: Goally's Homeschool Apps

    Pricing is per child profile. You can add unlimited members to the care team.

    If you're looking for enterprise pricing, contact us. Otherwise, please check out our pricing here. You can sign up for a monthly subscription and cancel anytime.

    Yup! You can add unlimited care team members to the kiddo's account at no extra cost.

    Watch data in real time with reporting. Get notifications as kids complete routines or redeem rewards.