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5 Rewards for Chores | Parents Guide

As someone who works closely with children, I understand the challenges parents face when it comes to getting kids to do their chores. It can often feel like an uphill battle. However, I’ve seen firsthand how effective rewards can be in making chores more appealing and even enjoyable. In this guide, I’ll share five creative ideas that can motivate both neurodivergent and neurotypical kids to complete their tasks with enthusiasm. From screen time to special outings, these rewards can make chore time more pleasant while helping your kids develop essential life skills. Let’s explore these top five rewards for chores that could transform your household.

1. Earned Screen Time

Firstly, let’s discuss screen time, a powerful motivator for kids of all ages. Instead of setting strict limits, consider tying screen time to completed chores. For example, every chore completed earns your child 15 minutes of screen time. This approach encourages kids to take responsibility for their actions and teaches them the value of earning privileges. Moreover, it’s a win-win situation for both parents and kids as they learn to manage their time and prioritize tasks.

  • Chore completed = 15 minutes of screen time
  • Teaches responsibility and the value of earning privileges
  • Win-win for parents and kids

With Goally, you can easily track your child’s progress and manage their screen time rewards. This user-friendly tool helps you set clear expectations and monitor your child’s chore completion, making the rewards for chores system even more effective.

rewards for chores. A kid gets a special treat as a reward for chores.
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2. Special Outings or Activities

Another great reward for chores is the promise of special outings or activities. For instance, after completing a week’s worth of chores, your child could choose a fun activity like going to the movies, visiting a local attraction, or having a playdate with friends. These experiences create lasting memories and motivate kids to stay on top of their chores. In addition, it’s an excellent opportunity for family bonding and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

  • Week of chores = special outing or activity
  • Creates lasting memories and motivation
  • Promotes family bonding and a sense of accomplishment

Goally can help you keep track of your child’s chores and reward them with special outings or activities. By using Goally’s customizable reward system, you can easily set up a rewards for chores program that suits your family’s needs and preferences.

3. Chore Points System

Thirdly, consider implementing a chore points system. Assign points to each chore, and allow your kids to accumulate points over time. Once they reach a certain threshold, they can redeem their points for rewards like toys, books, or gift cards. This system teaches kids the concept of saving and delayed gratification while also providing a tangible incentive for completing chores.

Making the bed5
Doing the dishes10

Goally’s chore tracking system makes it easy to use points-based rewards for chores. You can give points to each chore and track your child’s progress, keeping them motivated and engaged.

4. Praise and Recognition

Never underestimate the power of praise and recognition! Celebrate your child’s accomplishments by acknowledging their hard work and dedication to chores. For example, create a “Chore Star of the Week” award or display their completed chore chart in a prominent place. This simple gesture boosts self-esteem and encourages kids to take pride in their efforts. Above all, it fosters a positive attitude towards chores and household responsibilities.

rewards for chores. A group of kids get a special treat as a reward for chores.
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  • Celebrate accomplishments with praise and recognition
  • Boosts self-esteem and encourages pride in efforts
  • Fosters a positive attitude towards chores

Goally can help you celebrate your child’s achievements by providing a visual representation of their completed chores. This way, you can easily recognize their efforts and offer praise and encouragement, further motivating them to continue doing their chores.

5. Family Game Night or Movie Night

Lastly, consider rewarding your kids with a family game night or movie night after a week of completed chores. This fun, low-cost reward brings the family together and creates an enjoyable atmosphere in the home. Furthermore, it teaches kids the importance of teamwork and cooperation, as everyone works together to complete chores and enjoy the reward.

  • Week of chores = family game night or movie night
  • Low-cost reward that brings the family together
  • Teaches teamwork and cooperation

With Goally, you can easily track your family’s progress and plan a fun-filled game or movie night as a reward for completed chores. This engaging tool helps you stay organized and ensures that everyone is on the same page when it comes to household responsibilities.

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Time to Reap the Rewards

So there you have it – five creative rewards for chores that can transform your household dynamics. By implementing these ideas, you’ll motivate your kids to complete their chores and teach them valuable life skills along the way. Give these rewards a try, and with the help of Goally, watch your kids tackle their tasks with newfound enthusiasm!

FAQ’s About Rewards for Chores

What are some effective rewards for chores?
Effective rewards for chores include extra screen time, a favorite treat, or a fun outing.

Why should I use rewards for chores?
Using rewards for chores can motivate kids to complete their tasks and develop good habits.

How often should I give rewards for chores?
Rewards can be given daily, weekly, or after specific tasks, depending on what works best for your family.

Can rewards for chores help teach responsibility?
Yes, rewards for chores can help kids learn responsibility and the value of hard work.

What types of rewards work best for different age groups?
Younger kids may prefer small toys or stickers, while older kids might enjoy extra privileges or money.

This post was originally published on 05/24/2023. It was updated on 07/03/2024.

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