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Help your child gain life skills with our learning videos for kids.

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Who This App Is For


Kids who learn through video


Kids learning to brush teeth & tie shoes


Caregivers helping kids learn life skills


Parents who value healthy screen time


Parents giving early learners a jump start

Parents Control Everything

Goally's TV App on Goal Mine settings in the Care Team app, showing that kids can earn 10 points an 2 puzzle pieces per lesson and only have 120 minutes of watch time allowed.

Parents, you get the final say. Control everything your kid sees from the Parent App on your own phone. Set time limits, choose which videos they can watch, and even make lessons worth points that they can redeem for rewards.

You’ll also stay connected to your child’s learning journey with real-time progress updates. Make screen time fun AND helpful for the whole family.

Stop Worrying

(for 60 cents/day)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 day coaching
  • Cancel anytime

What Kids Will Learn


Self-care & hygiene skills


How to make new friends


What to do in an emergency


How to practice mindfulness


How to regulate their emotions


What to expect in new situations

Kid-Friendly Video Content

Goal Mine on a blue Goally tablet showing a lesson for

Goally's tv app videos are designed to teach everything from life skills, to mindfulness, to emotional regulation. All of our content is kid-friendly. And did we mention, NO ads? 😉

Frequently Asked Questions


Can TV app help kids learn?

Yes! In Goal Mine, every video teaches a new skill that can help with executive functioning, social, and safety skills.

Does TV app teach social skills?

Yes. We have lessons that teach things like sharing, apologizing, inviting a friend to play, and even what to expect at a play date!

How does video modeling work?

Video modeling is an evidence-based practice that teaches skills and models desired behaviors through video. In Goally's TV app, kids watch how to do something multiple times in realistic situations. Then, between every lesson in a course, they practice selecting the correct choice to complete the story, showing off what they learned.

Are there any ads in TV app videos?

Nope! No ads, no access to social media, & no chance for your kid to accidentally end up watching something they shouldn't be.

Can I control which videos my kid sees?

Absolutely. You can filter which content is available from the Parent App on your own phone. Choose which videos they can watch, set time limits, and even set points for completing lessons.

How much does Goally cost?

You can get Goally's apps for just $19/mo (or save 20% with an annual plan). There are NO contracts, so cancel anytime! If you want a distraction-free experience, you can get our dedicated tablet, which is $149.

Can I involve my teacher or therapist?

YES! You can add unlimited care team members. It's super easy to get everyone on the same page.

Parents & Pros Goally

"Absolutely love this company! Never thought this day would come but he is cleaning his room all on his own! On to doing the bedtime routine again! See how much of that he can get done on his own! Absolutely love this company and Goally!"

—Kimberly E.

"I put the kid part on my kid's Kindle fire. I use my phone to set controls. It's very, very customizable. My kid is so far very motivated to earn stars and the steps help so much so I am not hovering and nagging. My kiddo is 5 and has ADHD/ODD."

—Nicole T.

"I put the kid part on my kid's Kindle fire. I use my phone to set controls. It's very, very customizable. My kid is so far very motivated to earn stars and the steps help so much so I am not hovering and nagging. My kiddo is 5 and has ADHD/ODD."

—Daniel P.

"Goally was instrumental in establishing a routine with our daughter with ADHD. We went from daily meltdowns to peace and cooperation on the very first day. The visual schedule app changed our lives."

—Nicole T.

"My son started talking! He was non verbal when we ordered and with the help of his Goally and his speech therapist he had now been talking for 6 months. He no longer utilizes the Goally since he can verbally tell us what he needs and we no longer need the visual schedules anymore. He has made so much progress since we ordered it and now he just doesn’t need it anymore."

—Janice H.

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