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Give Kids Words with Goally's AAC Talker App

Help your kiddo understand and interact with the world better with structure, visual supports, and an AAC talker. Word Lab, Goally's gamified language & AAC learning app is included.

AAC Talker That's Simple & Customizable

AAC stands for Alternative and Augmented Communication. People who are nonverbal or have difficulty with speech often use AAC devices, or “Talkers,” because they talk for the user.

There are different types of AAC talkers. Some talkers let the user spell the words they want to say and then the app speaks the words for them. Other talkers, called symbol based AAC apps, also provide AAC symbols that describe the word a user wants to say. For example, click on a symbol that looks like food and the talker will audibly say “food.”

Goally’s symbol based AAC app is simple, easy to use, and customizable.

Goally’s Built-In AAC Talker App Gives Kids Words

Goally talks out loud and gives kids more opportunities to imitate words.

You can add new words and model where to find them from the Goally parent app.

Goally has a dedicated device for your kids so
they always feel empowered to communicate.

Word Lab Teaches Kids How to Use The AAC Talker

60% of families fail to adopt AAC because... it's hard to learn.

You don’t have to guess how to teach kids where to find words or what they mean. Goally's Word Lab game makes it simple and fun.

Kids can ask for things they want using
pictures you set up on the app.

Goally's Apps for Kids with Childhood Apraxia of Speech:

Let Goally be your parent assistant. We’ll help your kiddo through the big and small
stuff with visual schedules, an AAC talker, a built-in token board system,
and custom picture/video modeling.

AAC Talker

Easy to use picture communication and parent modeling.

Word Lab

Teach kids language with interactive practice.

Visual Schedule

No more paper! We make digital visual aids easy.

Visual Timer

We help kids understand time with a simple visual.

Give Kids the Tools to Be Independent.
Give Yourself the Space to Be a Parent.

Researched by Moms...
and Scientists!

In a Univeristy study, parents using
Goally reported amazing results.


fewer meltdowns


fewer arguments


less stress

Stop Nagging.

(for $249 per month)

  • Suite of Apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
  • Free 30 days coaching
  • Cancel anytime

FAQ: Goally's AAC Talker App & Word Lab

Goally's Life Skills Package is $249. It comes with a year of premium apps and all video classes. You'll also get one-on-one human support, a kid-friendly tablet, and access to the Parent App, where you control everything your kid sees.

Goally's AAC talker app home screen never changes. Kind of like the keys on your keyboard, this helps kids with motor planning. Our resident SLP, Tanna Neufeld, advised the development of our AAC app to include strategies that help kids communicate, faster.

Some of our other features driven by research include the ability to model on the Goally parent app, add custom words and pictures, and link a reward system to encourage kids to use the app!

Yup! You can add unlimited care team members to your kiddo's account.

YES! Human modeling is proven to work, so we've integrated the ability for you to add your own pictures and videos to all parts of Goally's apps.

Word Lab includes video modeling of language in action & interactive practice. Modeling done by real kids in age-relevant scenarios. Pronunciation is taught by a pro. Practice is fun & interactive!

We Love All Kids With Special Needs

Our tools support parents of kids with special needs by eliminating the need to
nag. Enjoy your time with your kids; let Goally do the rest.


Kids who do well with visual schedules and supports love Goally.


Helps kids follow
directions with bite-
sized pieces.


Motivate kids to make
progress with built-in


Timers and audio reminders make transitions easy.