Autism Schools in Ontario

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Navigating parenthood is like dealing with a mystery puzzle. Every day unfolds a new piece, especially when you’re a proud parent of a neurodivergent kid. Now, if that puzzle called life has brought you to Ontario searching for the best autism schools in Ontario for your child, you’re in the right place. Together, we’re about to explore the education powerhouses throughout Ontario that are perfect for kids with special needs.

Top 5 Autism Schools in Ontario

School NameLocationRatingClosing Time
Bright Start Academy IncNorth York, ON, Canada4.3 out of 54:30 PM
Oakwood AcademyMississauga, ON, Canada3.8 out of 55:00 PM
The VillageMaple, ON, Canada5.0 out of 56:00 PM
TACT | The Autism Centre of TorontoNorth York, ON, Canada5.0 out of 53:30 PM
Autism Therapy & Training Inc.Woodbridge, ON, Canada4.9 out of 54:00 PM

What Kind of School Is Best for an Autistic Child?

Autism and standard don’t mesh well together. In fact, the uniqueness of autism demands a unique approach. Specialized schools understand this and create an educational environment tailored to each child.

Capable teachers with a refined understanding of neural differences form the very crux of these schools. Classrooms at these schools are not just spaces; they are a safe harbor for kids. Customized teaching methodologies, a healthy social environment, and additional focus on extracurricular activities harmoniously blend to enable children to explore, learn, and grow amidst their peers.

What Is the Best City in Canada for Autistic Children?

If we pick a city in Canada that stands out for its resources for neurodivergent children, Toronto tops the chart. From medical to leisure, the city presents a wide array of resources. Bolstered by a solid network of autism schools in Ontario, Toronto is a sturdy pillar that buttresses families with support.

However, ‘best’ is often a matter of perspective. It’s about finding a city that matches your family’s needs and lifestyle, more than counting the number of support centers.

How Much Does an Autistic Child Get in Ontario?

Ontario extends a pretty supportive hand to families who have kids with autism. The Ontario Autism Program offers funds for behavioral services to children, which could exceed $20,000 per year for kids under six. For those aged 6-18, families can avail of up to $5,000 annually. Additionally, Ontario’s Special Services at Home (SSAH) is always there with its constant support and resources.

autism schools in ontario. A group of students is learning from their teacher.
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What Are the Benefits of Having an Autistic Child in Canada?

Canada is woven together by a culture of diversity and inclusivity, and this extends to how the country supports families with thinking and learning differently from children. While navigating this scenario may seem sharp as a tack at times, remember that Canada has an impressive list of benefits. Comprehensive funding programs, seamless access to healthcare services, respite care, and the army of specialized education centers are just the tip of the iceberg.

Goally in the Classroom

Evidence shows that kids learn best when they’re having fun. Many teachers recommend using learning tech like Goally to engage with kids in a way they love.

In the classroom, Goally can help kids with:

  • Following directions by providing visual and verbals supports to help them understand each task.
  • Staying on task by providing timers and reminders to help them stay focused.
  • Communicating with their teachers and peers through the AAC Talker app that allows them to express wants and needs.
  • Identifying and regulating their emotions before children have a meltdown because they are overstimulated.

Goally’s distraction-free kid’s tablet can be used as a therapy tool to help teach executive function, language, emotional regulation, finger dexterity skills, and more!

Your Next Step Forward

Sifting through autism schools in Ontario may seem daunting, but remember, you’re not alone. In this land of robust resources and inclusive education, alongside tools like Goally, you and your family are equipped to walk this rewarding journey. Let’s take these moments, these stepping stones, building upon each one as we embrace your child’s unique journey. As they say, it’s not the destination; it’s the journey. And we’re right here, journeying with you.

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