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Ever found yourself scratching your head, trying to decipher the world of kids’ tablets? If you’re a parent, chances are you’ve been there. One tablet that’s been creating a buzz is the Amazon Fire Tablet for kids. But is it the right choice for your family? Let’s break it down in this Amazon Fire 7 kids tablet review.


Let’s talk money first. The Amazon Fire Tablet for kids comes with a price tag of $150. That’s not pocket change, but what do you get for your investment? The tablet itself, of course, but there’s more. You can opt for the Kids package for an extra $9 per month. This package has features designed to keep your child engaged and learning.

So, is it worth the price? That’s a question only you can answer. But it’s important to consider what you’re getting for your money. Amazon tablets kids with a wealth of features, plus the peace of mind that comes with robust parental controls.

What are You Looking for in a Kid’s Tablet?

When choosing a tablet for your child, you probably have a checklist in mind.

  • Educational content? Check.
  • Parental controls? Check.
  • No junk content? Check.
  • A case that can withstand a few bumps and drops? Check.

The Amazon Fire Tablet ticks all these boxes and then some. But it’s not just about ticking boxes. It’s about finding a tablet that fits your child’s needs and your family’s lifestyle. That’s where the Amazon Fire Tablet shines. It’s designed with kids in mind, offering a range of fun and educational content.

Amazon Tablets Kids. Two kids are playing on their tablet while eating ice cream.
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What is the Setup Process?

Setting up the Amazon Fire Tablet is a breeze. You’ll need to log in to your Amazon account and have two options. You can log in as you would with a standard Kindle Fire or use a special app called Amazon Kids. The choice is yours.

The onboarding experience is smooth, with a helpful video guide to walk you through the process. Once logged in, you’ll find a user-friendly interface with various content. From Audible to music stations to kid-friendly videos, apps, and games, there’s something for every child.

The Quest Function

The Quest function is one standout feature of the Amazon Fire Tablet. This feature encourages kids to discover games, collect mystery prizes, and embark on adventures. It’s a fun way to develop cognitive and fine motor skills, and it’s all wrapped up in a game-like format that kids love.

But it’s not just about the games. The Quest function is also about helping kids develop problem-solving skills and perseverance. It’s about turning screen time into learning time and making it fun in the process.

Lots of music

If your child loves music, they’re in for a treat. The Amazon Fire Tablet has a vast music library, including kid-friendly tunes licensed with Disney. It’s like having a personal DJ for your child, ready to play their favorite tunes at the touch of a button.

And it’s not just about entertainment. Listening to music can also help kids develop their auditory skills, improve their mood, and even boost their cognitive abilities. But what if you are looking for more educational content?

Goally – The Educational Tablet

Looking for something a bit more educational? Check out the Goally app. This app is all about teaching life skills and rewarding kids for practicing these skills in the Co-pilot app. It’s a great way to combine learning and play, and it’s available right on the Amazon Fire Tablet.

For Kids Learning Social Skills:

Goally’s Kid’s Tablet has one of the largest libraries of skill-building videos (like “How to Share” and “What To Do When You’re Lost”) in the Goal Mine app.👇

With Goally, kids can learn important skills like time management, task completion, and more. And the best part? They earn rewards for their efforts, making learning fun and motivating.

Using Amazon Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck. You can package all the kid-friendly games from the App Store onto the tablet. But be aware while you can control what apps your kids buy, they will still be able to see them. This could lead to requests for additional game purchases.

So, what’s the bottom line? The Amazon Fire Tablet offers a wealth of content for kids but also requires some parental oversight. It’s a balance between giving kids the freedom to explore and ensuring they use the tablet in a way that aligns with your family’s values.

Amazon Tablets Kids. Two kids are playing on their tablet together. amazon fire 7 kids tablet review
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Every product has pros and cons; the Amazon Fire Tablet is no exception. One potential downside is the ‘Ask to Buy’ feature. When your child finds something they want to buy, they can send a request to your phone. This could result in additional spending of $20-30 per month for extra content.

But it’s not all bad news. The ‘Ask to Buy’ feature gives you control over your child’s purchases. It’s a way to keep tabs on their tablet use and a conversation starter about money and spending. The never ending content could be addictive to some kids.

Want Something Less Addictive and More Educational?

The Amazon Fire Tablet offers many benefits but might only fit some families best. When it comes to less addictive and more educational alternatives, Goally stands out. Designed with a child’s developmental needs in mind, Goally offers a balanced approach to screen time. It’s not just a tablet; it’s a learning tool that encourages kids to develop essential life skills. With Goally, screen time becomes a productive, educational experience rather than a mindless scrolling session. The focus is on interactive, engaging content that fosters learning and growth. Plus, Goally’s robust parental controls ensure that your child’s digital experience is safe and healthy, giving you peace of mind.

Goally | Routines that Actually Work

Goally’s skill building tablet for kids has routines that break down large tasks into small, achievable steps. It helps kids complete their tasks independently! 

Goally helps kids build independence with visual schedules, routines like bedtime, etc. The text reads "Worried your child will never be independent? Get Goally for $329." A boy holds a blue Goally on a bedtime routine.

Create custom routines with your own videos & pictures for every step. The steps come in small, bite-sized pieces to help your child learn the little fundamentals (like putting the toothpaste on their toothbrush!) to achieve bigger goals. And that’s just the beginning. See it in action:

Try Goally’s suite of therapy apps on any device you have at home for just $9. We also have a dedicated tablet (which ONLY has Goally on it) for $149.

So, is the Amazon Fire Tablet worth it? That’s a question only you can answer. But with its range of features, robust parental controls, and wealth of content, it’s certainly a contender. Just remember, the best choice is the one that fits your child’s needs and your family’s lifestyle.

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