Special Needs Schools in Abu Dhabi

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Scouring the internet to unearth the most suitable special needs schools in Abu Dhabi for your neurodivergent kids? Looking for that special mix of accommodation, resources, and expertise? You’ve hit the jackpot! This guide walks you through the best, distinctively focused, catering to kids with unique thinking and learning differences.

Top 5 Special Needs Schools in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, has a plethora of special needs institutions up its sleeve, each radiating uniqueness and competency! Let’s zoom into the top 5 schools.

NameStar RatingNumber of ReviewsAddressHours of OperationDescription
Mohammed bin Rashid Center for Special Education4.424Building No. 31,Zone 23Opens 7:30 AMEsteemed for a curriculum designed by the New England Center for Children, this school is a lighthouse of special education.
Emirates Autism Center4.524F9JG+8Q7Opens 7:30 AMRenowned for their autism-specific programs, providing cutting-edge therapeutic interventions in a nurturing environment.
Alnoor Special Needs CenterN/AN/A8GWP+89FN/AStanding out for its comprehensive services covering education, training, and robust support for children with special needs.
Abilities Development Center for People of Determination LLC4.639Villa No. 180, Zone- 27Opens 8 AMDistinguished by their holistic approach to development, fostering skills of independence and self-sufficiency.
Hemam for Inclusive Education services – ALAZZA4.523 شارع الكحيلOpens 8 AMAcclaimed for their dedication to inclusive education and the promotion of inclusive practices in mainstream schools.

Can an Autistic Child Go to a Normal School in Dubai?

For the record, while every child on the autism spectrum is unique, most autistic kids can thrive in mainstream schools, given the proper support! In fact, Dubai champions in this regard, ensuring every young learner, irrespective of their needs, is accommodated.

Quite a few “normal” schools in Dubai are taking significant strides towards inclusion. They deploy specialists, design interventions, and tailor the curriculum to meet diverse learning needs. However, the choice depends on your child’s unique requirements and competencies. Specialist institutions abound for those demanding a more tailored approach.

How Does UAE Help People With Special Needs?

Inclusivity is a crucial feature of the UAE educational landscape. Kids living with thinking and learning differences receive strong support from the nation’s emphasis on ‘People of Determination.’ They align with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, committing to empowering these individuals.

From drafting comprehensive laws, providing financial incentives for businesses employing people with disabilities, to ensuring accessibility in public places and creating dedicated, world-class healthcare facilities – the UAE vision is to create an environment where everyone thrives.

special needs schools in abu dhabi

What is the Law for Special Needs Education in UAE?

The UAE law for specialized education is robust and inclusive. It mandates access to inclusive education for all students without discrimination. Schools must accordingly make reasonable adjustments to meet every learner’s unique needs.

Furthermore, Law No. 29 ensures rights protection, equal opportunities, and full social integration for disabled people. It mandates creating conducive environments and access to technology, health, and rehabilitation services. In short, in the UAE, the law ensures no child is left behind.

Is Dubai Good for Kids Education?

Dubai is a vibrant international hub, home to several top-rated educational institutions. It houses numerous schools offering various curricula – American, British, and International Baccalaureate, catering to a diverse student population.

Education sector trends indicate rising standards year on year, cements the emirate’s reputation as a global education destination. Coupled with robust particular needs support, Dubai certainly ticks most boxes for your child’s education!

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To sum up, each school in Abu Dhabi has its own essence and value proposition. Your choice will rely on your child’s needs, strengths and challenges, and your family’s expectations. Armed with this guide, you’re ready to make that choice. While it isn’t a cakewalk, remember, you’re not alone. Moreover, Goally can be your ally in this journey. Our tools, like the learning tablet for kids and specially designed apps, are here to empower your young learners. They are meant to bolster their skills, enhance learning experiences, and support their daily routines. Now, that sounds like a plan.

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