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Empowering Voices: The Best Free Apps for Nonverbal Autism

Apr 24, 2024

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A Goally next to a smart phone displaying the Goally Care Team app on "Search for Word" screen in AAC settings. The Care Team app is showing the give a hint screen for "grandma," and the AAC on the Goally is lighting up the path to the "people" folder, where "Grandma" is found.

In an exciting breakthrough for families with nonverbal autistic children, researchers have identified a groundbreaking collection of free apps that are transforming communication and fostering meaningful connections. These innovative tools, specifically designed for kids with thinking and learning differences, have already empowered over 200,000 nonverbal children worldwide to express themselves more effectively, bridging the communication gap and bringing immense relief to parents. As experts hail this development as a game-changer, families eagerly await the unveiling of the ultimate list of free apps that promise to unlock a world of possibilities for their neurodivergent children.

1. Goally’s AAC Talker App

While there are many excellent AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) apps available, finding free options for nonverbal individuals with autism can be a challenge. Goally’s AAC Talker app is a valuable tool within their suite of learning applications. The app provides a basic but customizable communication board where users tap symbols to have the app speak for them. This kind of AAC support can be a game-changer, empowering those with limited verbal ability to express themselves and interact more fully with the world. While Goally does offer a premium subscription service, the core functions of their AAC Talker provide a solid starting point for communication at no cost.

best aac apps for autism screenshot
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2. TippyTalk EDU: Visual Communication at Your Fingertips

TippyTalk EDU is a cool visual communication platform that helps kids with thinking and learning differences send messages through personalized images. With its easy interface, this app supports independence in daily routines while improving social interactions.

  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Price: Free

3. Goally’s Word Lab

Goally’s Word Lab goes beyond simple communication and helps individuals with autism develop essential language skills. This free app focuses on building vocabulary and word recognition in a fun, game-based environment. Users engage in activities like matching words to images and building sentences, fostering language comprehension in an engaging way. Word Lab can be particularly helpful for those with nonverbal autism, providing a visual and interactive approach to expanding their understanding of language.

free apps for nonverbal autism. Goally's word lab tablet.

4. LetMeTalk – Unlocking the Power of Pictures

LetMeTalk uses visual aids by offering a huge library of over 9,000 images from the popular Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). This app helps children express their emotions and desires without relying on verbal language alone.

  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Price: Free
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5. Avaz AAC – Transformative Communication Technology

Avaz AAC is an award-winning communication app made to empower kids with speech and language difficulties. With its customizable interface, big vocabulary library, and voice output options, Avaz AAC is a must-have tool for children who need help expressing themselves.

  • Platform: Android & iOS
  • Price: Free trial available

Goally | Visual Scheduler for Autism

Does your child struggle with getting ready in the morning independently? Goally’s routine app on the best tablet for kids breaks down large tasks into small, achievable steps for autistic kids. Create custom routines with your own videos & pictures for every step.

And there you have it – five fantastic free apps and tools to support your neurodivergent child’s communication journey. By embracing these resources, you’re opening doors to new possibilities and empowering your child to connect with the world around them more effectively. Explore these options, and watch as your kid’s communication skills flourish!

FAQ’s About Free Apps for Nonverbal Autism

What are the best free apps for kids with nonverbal autism?
Some top choices include Goally's Word Lab, Goally's AAC Talker, LetMeTalk, and Avaz AAC. These apps focus on communication and language development.

How do AAC apps help children with autism?
AAC apps give nonverbal children a voice, allowing them to express needs, wants, and feelings through pictures, symbols, or text-to-speech.

Can apps help nonverbal autistic children learn to speak?
While not a guarantee, AAC apps can support speech development by building language skills and encouraging vocalization attempts.

Are there any free games for nonverbal autistic children?
Yes! Apps like Otsimo Special Education and Goally's Word Lab offer free games that help develop language, communication, and other important skills.

Where can I find more information about apps for nonverbal autism?
Blogs specializing in autism resources and assistive technology often provide app reviews, recommendations, and tutorials.

This post was originally published on 04/17/2023. It was updated on 03/25/2024.

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