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What is Episodic Memory?

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Episodic Memory is like your brain’s movie reel. It allows you to remember past events, like your last birthday party or your first day at school, along with when and where these events occurred.

Frequently Asked Question


What is Episodic Memory?

Episodic Memory is our ability to remember and relive past events along with details of when and where they occurred.

How does Episodic Memory function?

Episodic Memory allows us to recall specific events from our past, complete with details about the time, place, and associated emotions.

Can Goally enhance Episodic Memory?

Yes, Goally can help enhance Episodic Memory by fostering a routine that encourages reflection on daily activities.

Why is Episodic Memory important?

Episodic Memory contributes to our sense of self and personal history, and allows us to learn from past experiences.

Scientific Definition


Episodic Memory refers to a person’s ability to recall and mentally re-experience specific episodes from their past. These memories are typically intertwined with details about where and when they happened. As a part of long-term memory, it contributes to an individual’s sense of self and understanding of their history.

Real World Example of Episodic Memory

Meet Anna. Anna has a vivid Episodic Memory. Let’s walk through her journey:

  • A Year Ago: Anna remembers her first soccer match, her goal, the cheering crowd, the sunny weather.
  • Six Months Ago: Anna recalls her family vacation to the mountains, the chilly breeze, and the snowball fight.
  • Present Day: Anna fondly remembers the excitement of her birthday party last week, the laughter, the cake, and her friends.

Anna’s story demonstrates the power and joy of Episodic Memory.

How Does Episodic Memory Work?

Here’s a quick glimpse into how Episodic Memory operates in our lives:

  • Birthday Recall: Remember your 10th birthday party, the decorations, the friends who attended, and the fun games you played.
  • Holiday Memories: Recalling that summer beach trip with your family and the sandcastle you built.
  • First Day at School: Re-experiencing the mix of excitement and nervousness on your first day of school.

Episodic Memory allows us to travel back in time, re-living past experiences.


Our product, Goally, can enhance your child’s Episodic Memory. Goally fosters a routine through tasks and reminders, encouraging your child to remember and reflect on their daily activities, thereby improving their Episodic Memory.