How to Interrupt Politely

how to interrupt politely. a mom is teaching her kids the proper way to interrupt someone.
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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where your child blurted out something in the middle of a conversation, leaving you red-faced? We’ve all been there. Teaching your child “how to interrupt politely” is an essential life skill that will serve them well into adulthood. In this blog post, we’ll break down this skill into manageable steps you can easily teach your child. We also have a fantastic Goal Mine video class that simplifies these concepts for kids. So, please encourage your child to watch it and learn this skill independently.

Step 1 – Planning and ConsiderationTeach your child to consider if their interruption is necessary or if it can wait. Encourage them to observe the conversation and plan their interruption.
Step 2 – Polite ExecutionGuide your child to use non-verbal cues and polite phrases to enter the conversation. Remind them to keep their point brief and clear.
Step 3 – Respectful Follow-upTeach your child to thank the speaker and listen actively to their remaining thoughts. Encourage them to reflect on their interruption for future improvement.

Step 1 – Planning and Consideration

Teaching your child to interrupt politely starts with helping them understand when it’s necessary to interrupt and when it’s better to wait. This step is all about planning and consideration. Here’s how you can guide them:

  • Is it necessary? Teach your child to consider whether their interruption is essential or can wait. For instance, if they want to share something about their day but you’re on a work call, it can probably wait.
  • Observe the conversation: Encourage your child to pay attention to the conversation’s flow. They should look for natural pauses or breaks where they can interject without disrupting the discussion.
  • Plan the interruption: If the interruption is necessary, your child should plan what they want to say. This planning ensures that their point is brief, clear, and relevant to the conversation.
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how to interrupt politely. a teacher is teaching his students about how to politely interrupt people.

Step 2 – Polite Execution

Once your child has determined that an interruption is necessary and has planned what they want to say, the next step is to execute the interruption politely. Here’s how:

  • Use non-verbal cues: Teach your child to use body language and eye contact to signal their intent to speak. This non-verbal communication can be as simple as raising their hand or moving closer to the speaker.
  • Enter the conversation politely: Your child should enter the conversation with polite phrases like, “Excuse me, may I say something?” or “Sorry for interrupting, but…”. These phrases show respect for the speaker and the ongoing conversation.
  • Be brief and clear: Remind your child to keep their point brief and clear. This respect for the speaker’s time will make the interruption less disruptive.

Step 3 – Respectful Follow-up

After your child makes their point, they must follow up respectfully. This shows the speaker that they value the conversation and respect the speaker’s time. Here’s how your child can do this:

  • Thank the speaker: Teach your child to thank the speaker for their patience. A simple “Thank you for letting me speak” can go a long way in showing respect.
  • Listen actively: Encourage your child to listen actively to the speaker’s remaining thoughts. This shows that they value the conversation and are interested in the speaker’s words.
  • Reflect on the interruption: After the conversation, your child should reflect on their interruption. Was it effective? Could they have waited for a better time? This reflection will help them improve their interruption skills in the future.

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Teaching your child “how to interrupt politely” is a journey, not a destination. It takes time, practice, and patience. But with these steps, you’re well on your way to helping your child develop this essential life skill. And remember, our Goal Mine video class is a great resource for your child to learn these skills independently. For more in-depth lessons, consider getting Goally’s dedicated Tablet to unlock the rest of the video lessons that teach “how to interrupt politely.” Happy teaching!