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How to Ask Someone to Play With You

Remember the first time your kid mustered the courage to ask, “Will you play with me?” It is a simple question, yet it carries the weight of social interaction, communication, and self-confidence. As parents, we want our kids to feel comfortable initiating play, but it can be challenging to teach them how. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the steps to help your child confidently ask someone to “play with you.” And remember to check out our Goal Mine class video, a perfect tool for your kids to learn this skill independently.

Step 1: Find the GameChoose a game that’s appropriate and enjoyable. Consider the other person’s interests too.
Step 2: Walk Up to SomeoneApproach the person with confidence. Make eye contact, stand tall, and smile. Wait for a pause or a break in the activity before approaching.
Step 3: Ask Them to PlayAsk the question clearly and directly. If the answer is no, reassure them that it’s okay and encourage them to try again later or with someone else.

Step 1: Find the Game

Firstly, it’s essential to guide your kids in choosing a game that’s appropriate and enjoyable. It could be a board game, a sport, or a simple game of tag. Whatever it is, make sure it’s something they are comfortable with and can explain to others. This is the first step towards building their confidence.

Teach them to consider the other person’s interests, too. For instance, if they know their friend loves soccer, suggesting a quick match could be a good start. This step not only helps them initiate play but also fosters empathy and consideration for others.

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Step 2: Walk Up to Someone

Now, it’s time for the approach. This step might seem simple, but it’s a crucial part of the process. Encourage your kids to make eye contact, stand tall, and walk up to the person with a friendly smile. These non-verbal cues are as important as the words they’ll say.

It’s also important to teach them about timing. Interrupting a conversation or a game isn’t the best way to start. Guide them to wait for a pause or a break in the activity before they approach. This way, they’ll learn to respect others’ space and time.

how to ask someone to play with you. two kids are playing together with animals.
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Step 3: Ask Them to Play

Finally, we’ve reached the moment of truth: asking the question. Teach your kids to be clear and direct. A simple “Would you like to play with me?” is usually enough. However, they can also be specific about the game they want, like, “Would you like to play soccer with me?”

Reassure them that it’s okay if the answer is no. It doesn’t mean they did anything wrong. The other person might be busy or not in the mood to play. Please encourage them to try again later or with someone else. This will help them handle rejection positively and keep trying.

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Teaching your kids to ask someone to “play with you” is more than just about play. It’s about building their confidence, communication skills, and understanding of social cues. With these steps, you’re not only helping them initiate a game but also nurturing their social development. Remember, learning is a process, and it’s okay if they don’t get it right the first time. Keep encouraging them, and soon, they’ll be making friends and easily initiating play. For more lessons on life skills, consider getting Goally’s dedicated Tablet. It’s packed with video lessons that cover these steps and much more. Happy playing!

FAQ’s About How to Ask Kids to Play With You

What is Goally's approach to teaching kids to "play with you"?
Goally uses task analysis to break down the task into manageable steps, making it easier for kids to learn and apply.

How does Goally help kids initiate play?
Goally's video classes guide kids through the process of choosing a game, approaching someone, and asking them to play.

Can Goally help my child handle rejection when asking someone to "play with you"?
Yes, Goally's lessons include strategies for handling rejection positively and encouraging kids to try again.

Is Goally's "play with you" lesson suitable for all kids?
Absolutely, Goally's lessons are designed to be inclusive and beneficial for all kids aged 2-12.

This post was originally published on 11/02/2023. It was updated on 05/03/2024.

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