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Exercise Chart for Kids | Free Printable

kids who use exercise charts to keep track of how often they have physical activity

Exercise is important for children’s physical and mental health, but getting kids to be active can sometimes be a challenge. One tool that can help encourage children to be physically active is a printable exercise chart. Exercise charts are visual aids that track progress and reward good behavior, making exercise more fun and engaging for kids. Download your free printable exercise charts for kids below!

It’s important to remember that exercise for kids doesn’t have to be intense. There are plenty of exercises to get your child moving that don’t involve strenuous workouts or gym equipment. One easy way to encourage physical activity is by using exercise charts to track any kind of movement, whether it’s taking the family dog for a walk or practicing yoga.

Other fun activities like playing on the playground, hopscotch, jumping rope, dancing, or playing tag can also get your child’s heart pumping. The important thing is to find movements that your kiddo enjoys and to mix it up to keep things interesting. By prioritizing physical activity and making it fun, you’re helping your child establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime. If you’re looking for an exercise chart to get started, check out our downloadable options below!

Benefits of Using Printable Exercise Charts for Kids

kids who use exercise charts to mark their progress with their daily exercise goals
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  1. Encourages Physical Activity: Exercise charts visually represent a child’s progress and help parents and children see their accomplishments. By tracking their progress and seeing their successes, children feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. This will encourage them to continue being physically active.
  2. Promotes Healthy Habits: Exercise charts can help establish healthy habits. They help make physical activity a regular part of a child’s routine. Using an exercise chart, children learn that physical activity is essential and that they need to prioritize it as a daily habit.
  3. Positive Reinforcement: Exercise charts provide a way for parents to reward good behavior and give positive feedback to their children. Using an exercise chart, parents can reward their child for being active. You can either mark off a square on the chart or give a small treat or prize. This reinforces good behavior and encourages children to continue being physically active.
  4. Improves Communication: Exercise charts help improve communication between parents and children. By tracking progress and rewards, parents can discuss the importance of physical activity with their children. This helps build trust and encourage a positive relationship.
  5. Builds Confidence: Exercise charts can help build confidence in children. They show them that they can succeed and accomplish their goals. By tracking their progress and seeing their successes, children feel empowered and more confident in their abilities.
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Printable exercise charts are a valuable tool for parents who want to encourage their children to be physically active. By providing visual progress tracking, positive reinforcement, healthy habits, improved communication, and increased confidence, exercise charts can help make physical activity more fun and engaging for kids.

FAQ’s About Exercise Charts for Kids

What is an exercise chart?
An exercise chart is a visual tool that helps children track their physical activity and develop a consistent fitness routine. It typically includes a list of exercises, a schedule, and a way to mark completed activities.

How can an exercise chart benefit my child?
An exercise chart can motivate your child to stay active, set and achieve fitness goals, and develop a positive attitude towards physical health. It can also help establish a sense of routine and responsibility.

What should I include in my child's exercise chart?
Include age-appropriate exercises that target different muscle groups, such as jumping jacks, bear crawls, and yoga poses. Also, incorporate a variety of activities to keep your child engaged, and consider adding a reward system for completed tasks.

How often should my child use an exercise chart?
Encourage your child to use their exercise chart daily or every other day, depending on their age and fitness level. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day.

Can I customize an exercise chart for my child's specific needs?
Yes, you can customize an exercise chart to suit your child's interests, abilities, and goals. Consider including their favorite activities, adjusting the difficulty level, or adding visual elements like stickers or colors to make it more appealing.

This post was originally published on 02/13/2023. It was updated on 04/08/2024. 

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