ABA Therapy Centers in Dubai

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Finding the perfect ABA therapy center in Dubai for your neurodivergent kid can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But fear not; we have scanned, scrutinized, and shortlisted the top 5 centers for you. Our aim? To make your job easier.

Top 5 ABA Therapy Centers in Dubai

Center NameRatingAddress
Pulse Therapy and Learning Center4.8Villa 27 – Al Raddi St
ABLE UK (Advanced Behavioural Learning Environment)4.3Building 33 Dubai Healthcare City – 2nd Floor – 2nd 26th St
Autism Intervention Specialists5.0Cluster M,HDS Center – unit 2107
Georgetown Early Intervention Center Dubai5.0The Iridium Building Office 122 – Umm Suqeim St
Hope Abilitation Medical Center4.9Jumeirah Road Billqetair St, Kharbash Compound – Villa 3, Umm Suqeim 1

A Peek into the Cost of ABA Therapy in Dubai

As you embark on your ABA therapy journey, one crucial aspect to consider is the cost. It’s perfectly ok to feel overwhelmed, but this is a long-term investment in your child’s development and quality of life. So, let’s break it down.

Aba therapy varies in price, depending on several factors – the diagnosis, the length and intensity of therapy, and the respective center’s pricing structure. On average, it could range anywhere between AED 15,000 to AED 60,000 per year. Don’t let that number forestall your plans. Most centers offer flexible payment options, making the therapy more financially accessible.

aba therapy centers in dubai
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How much do ABA therapists make in Dubai?

You might start wondering about the individuals directly working with your child. The professionals. The therapists. In Dubai, an ABA therapist’s salary can range from AED 9000 to AED 20,000 monthly, significantly influenced by their experience, expertise, and credentials.

Ensuring that the therapist has relevant qualifications and ample experience should be emphasized. After all, this is about your child’s progression and betterment.

Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy in UAE – A Quick Glance

In terms of footing the bills, are there options? More importantly, is insurance an option? Quite possibly. It’s been encouraging to see increasing insurance companies considering ABA therapy for coverage.

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Firms like National Health Insurance Company – Daman and Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company have begun providing ABA therapy coverage. It’s always worthwhile to check with your insurance provider for exact details to avoid future hurdles.

Cost of Autism Assessment in Dubai – A Necessary Expense

An autism assessment is the cornerstone on which the journey of therapy begins. It may seem like another expense, but it’s more of a necessity. In Dubai, these assessments cost between AED 500 and AED 1500.

Understanding the importance of early diagnosis and an early start to therapy justifies this investment. It’s all about setting the right course for your child’s progress.

Goally in the Clinic

Goally is a valuable resource for clinicians who are looking for ways to support children with speech and language problems.

  • Individualized Instruction. Goally can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of each child supporting the skills that they need most, at each child’s own pace.
  • Increased Engagement. Goally is a fun and interactive tool that can help children stay engaged while learning.
  • Improved Communication. Goally helps children learn to effectively communicate wants and needs, and allows children to participate in the world around them.
  • Bonus: Goally’s Core Word Lessons teaches kids their first 50 words through video modeling and interactive practice.

Goally’s distraction-free kid’s tablet can be used as a therapy tool to help teach executive functionlanguage, emotional regulation, finger dexterity skills, and more!

Your mission of navigating through ABA therapy centers in Dubai is critical. Goally is here to partner with you on this journey. We have designed our apps as fun, engaging tools to supplement therapies like ABA. Whether at home, the clinic, school, or on the go – Goally is ready to step in and help your child build life and language skills seamlessly.