7 Learning Apps for Toddlers

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Parenting is an adventure filled with countless decisions. One such decision is choosing the right learning app for your toddler. It’s a digital jungle out there, especially when you’re looking for resources that cater to both neurotypical and neurodivergent kids. But fear not; we’ve got you covered. We’ve sifted through many options to bring you the best learning apps for toddlers. So, let’s get started!

1. Goally: A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Leading the pack is Goally. This learning tablet is specifically designed with your child’s unique learning style in mind. Goally offers a rich, interactive learning experience that combines fun with education. But what sets Goally apart?

  • Personalized learning paths tailored to your child’s needs
  • Interactive games that make learning fun
  • Progress tracking to monitor your child’s development

With Goally, learning becomes an exciting journey, not a chore. It’s no wonder that Goally is a favorite among parents and kids alike.

best learning apps for toddlers. a boy is seen using the Goally device to learn.

“The Goally has changed how routines work in our house and gives my son incentives to actually complete them. It has also lessened tantrums because set routines really help him.” – Missy, Goally Parent

2. Khan Academy Kids: A Wealth of Learning Opportunities

We present Khan Academy Kids. This app, now available on Goally, is a treasure trove of interactive activities, all designed with your toddler in mind. Khan Academy Kids is more than just an app; it’s a vibrant learning community that nurtures your child’s curiosity and love for learning. But what makes Khan Academy Kids so special?

  • A rich variety of interactive activities that cater to different learning styles
  • A nurturing environment that fosters a genuine love for learning
  • Completely free to use, making quality education accessible to all
best learning apps for toddlers. the khan academy bear.

With Khan Academy Kids on Goally, your toddler will not just learn; they will thrive. It’s a world of learning at their fingertips, opening doors to endless possibilities.

3. ABCmouse: Laying the Foundation

Next up is ABCmouse, an app that has made a name for itself in early learning and one of the best learning apps for toddlers. ABCmouse offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects. But how does ABCmouse stack up?

  • Over 10,000 learning activities
  • Covers a wide range of subjects, from reading and math to science and art
  • User-friendly interface that kids love

With ABCmouse, your toddler will master the basics while having a blast. It’s a win-win!

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4. Starfall: A Stellar Learning Experience on Goally

Starfall, a well-loved app in the realm of early education, is now available on Goally. Known for its engaging activities that make learning a joyous experience, Starfall helps your toddler take their first steps into the world of letters, numbers, and colors. The app’s interactive nature encourages active learning, keeping your child engaged and excited. With Starfall on Goally, your toddler’s learning journey becomes a delightful adventure, filled with discovery and fun.

5. Endless Alphabet: A Vocabulary Boost

Looking to expand your toddler’s vocabulary? Endless Alphabet is the app for you. This app uses cute monsters to teach kids new words and their meanings. But what’s so special about Endless Alphabet?

  • Interactive puzzles that make learning fun
  • Cute animations that keep kids entertained
  • Expands vocabulary in a fun, engaging way

With Endless Alphabet, your toddler will be a wordsmith before you know it.

6. Montessori Preschool: A Holistic Approach

Montessori Preschool is a standout app that offers a wide range of learning activities. This app uses the Montessori method’s hands-on approach to make learning engaging and effective. But what makes Montessori Preschool unique?

  • Covers a wide range of subjects, from phonics and maths to music and coding
  • Hands-on learning approach
  • Engaging activities that keep kids interested

With Montessori Preschool, your toddler will have a well-rounded learning experience.

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7. PBS Kids Games: Learning with Beloved Characters

PBS Kids Games brings your toddler’s favorite PBS characters to the learning scene. This app offers a variety of games that teach kids about various subjects. But why choose PBS Kids Games?

  • Features beloved PBS characters
  • Offers a variety of games that cover various subjects
  • Makes learning an exciting adventure

With PBS Kids Games, your toddler will learn with their favorite characters, making the experience all the more enjoyable.

Goally | Apps To Support Child Development

Looking for fun ways to help your child learn life skills? Try Goally! The Goally tablet comes with award-winning learning apps and video classes to help kids develop the skills they need to become independent with FUN & evidence-based practices.

Our apps teach executive function, language, emotional regulation, finger dexterity skills, and more.

As your child develops new skills, you can increase the difficulty level of the tasks in the app to challenge and motivate them even further. This helps your child grow and progress at their own pace, while also keeping them engaged and excited about their development.

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In conclusion, finding the best learning apps for your toddlers doesn’t have to be daunting. From Goally’s comprehensive learning experience to Khan Academy Kids’ wealth of activities, there’s an app for every learner. So, here’s to finding the perfect app that sparks joy and curiosity in your child, setting them on a path of lifelong learning. Remember, the journey of learning is as important as the destination. Happy exploring!

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