Goally for Educators

Improve Student Outcomes and Family Communication

Token Boards and Schedules Made Easy

Are you spending hours creating token boards and visual schedules? Use Goally to create a visual schedule for each of your students in minutes. Modify the schedule in seconds as you need to. Students win puzzles for immediate stimulus. They win points for their token boards. You can create those token boards with parents in minutes, not hours.

Get in Sync with your Paraprofessionals

When you create a schedule for a learner your paraprofessionals know exactly which steps you want completed with the student. Do you need a certain student behavior tracked? Your paraprofessionals can easily do it from their mobile phone. The team works more cohesively with Goally.

Stop Giving Away Your Personal Phone Number

Use our team chat area to send messages, pictures, or video to family and the students team. Our mobile app notifies them of a message and you can see a read receipt after they open it. We also enable one way video calls so that you can call family when you need but they can’t call you at 8pm on Saturday.

Reduce Meltdowns by Easing Transitions

Goally often travels with the student so they have continuity between home, school, and the rest of the team. Create a routine to help them get ready for whatever is next in their day. On their home screen they can see their next routine.

Streamline Parent Handoffs

Want to see how things went before your student arrived at school? Look at the routines they completed that morning. Want to show parents which behaviors you’re tracking during the day? Have them look at completed behaviors during the day.

Use Data to Track IEP Progress

Use our quizlets feature to track IEP progress. Capture data directly from students, parents, and the rest of the team to track whats important.

Distraction Free Device

Our Goally Mobile App is the side of Goally that the learner interacts with.

You can either dowload the mobile app on the learner phone or tablet or use our custom device with no web browser, games, or anything else to distract the learner!


Visual Scheduler

Our visual schedular is the foundation of our therapy suite of tools.

Create powerful fully customizable routines compleate with visual icons, audio cues, time limits, automated start times and much more! Improve outcomes and build independece for your child.


Token Economy

Our Token Econemy is a powerful motivator for the learner.

Assign points to earn for compleating routines and positive behaviors. Set you own custom rewards on our web portal and have consistent reward systems for the learner across the entire team.


Behavior Skills Training

Our Behavior Skills Training allows the learner to devolp and build new skills and practice challanging social situations

Our wizard walks you through creating visual models that can be rehearsed independently or with a caretaker


Our Custom data Reports

Our reporting section gives you acess to powerful behavioral data and custom reports designed specificly for each learner.

With our data reports you can track behavioral progress to see what routines are working, which ones need some tweaking and use our reports to refine your behavioral stratagies.


Our Team chat Portal

With our team chat portal you can have all of your communication in one place!

You can chat with the learner’s team in public or direct channels, send pictures back and forth, and hop on audio and video calls with ease!

Our chat portal is a HIPPA compliant and encrypted to protect personal information.



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Frequently asked Questions

How Customizable is Goally?

We know that every learner is a different which is why every feature on every Goally app is fully customizable. Change audio prompts, time limits, icons, points, or if one of the apps isn’t your cup of tea… turn it off!

Who is Goally Intended For?

Goally while most commenly used by children aged 4-14 with ADHD or Autism, can be used by anyone, at any age, with any diginosis so long as the learner has bought into using Goally as a tool for their personal success.

How can I find out more about Goally?

Check out all of our videos at the top of our webpage for more information about what Goally is, how it works, and how it could help your learner and the rest of their team.

Is Goally Covered by Insurance or Medicaid?

Goally is not covered by private insurance but can sometimes be covered by state Medicaid Waiver programs. If you’re a parent or clinician who knows the ins and outs of medicaid waivers, we would LOVE to talk to you to expand our coverage!

How Much Does Goally Cost?

We have multiple pricing options check them out on our pricing page to find the plan right for you!