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The Huevo App for Kids

Teach kids how to take care of themselves by taking care of their Huevo pet.

Release Date: November 12, 2023

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Who Is This App For?

Kids learning self care

Kids who value novelty

Kids learning about emotions

Parents teaching responsibility and patience

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  • 20+ apps
  • Distraction-Free Tablet
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What Kids Will Learn:

Patience & responsibility

How to be consistent in self-care

Emotion, speech, & behavior skills

How to use Goally’s other apps

Keep your Pet From Turning Red!

Huevo app for kids' walrus showing what happens when it's not taken care of. It turns red and yellow.

Here’s how it works: Kids accomplish tasks in Goally to keep their walrus from turning red!

The goal for parents is to teach life skills. The goal for kids? Just keep their pet happy!

Your Child Grows as Their Pet Does

Huevo app for kids on Goally showing a checklist of items to move onto the next level. The walrus grows from baby to adult. Kids learn life skills.

Every stage, from egg to adult, takes time. Kids learn a new skill to teach it to their pet. Watch as they learn emotion, speech, and even behavior skills over the course of a month!

Teach Initiative with Dr. Aroo!

Huevo app for kids on Goally showing how to call Dr. Aroo for a hint to move onto the next level!

Is your kid stuck? Teach them how to discover a clue by ringing Dr. Aroo. He’ll walk them through how to get to the next stage... WITHOUT help from mom or dad.

The Perfect Tablet for Young Kids

Keep the focus on healthy screen time. Our tablet has no web browser, no social media, no advertisements, and no distractions. Goally comes with over 20 learning apps, and we’re always adding more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have Goally’s Tablet to get Huevo?

Yes. Huevo was made to help kids learn how all of Goally's apps work together in a fun way. You need the tablet with all the apps for Huevo to be effective and fun.

How do kids move on to the next level?

Check off the items on the left! If you get stuck, call Dr. Aroo (the 📞 icon) and he'll give a hint.

What if my kid doesn’t like it?

No problem! Just toggle the app "off" from Goally's Parent App on your own phone.

What’s the science?

There have been several studies that show digital pets had a meaningful positive impact on kids. They teach responsibility, time management, and even empathy.

What if my kid hates it?

No problem - there are no contracts or risk with Goally. If you or your kiddo doesn't like all of the fun learning apps Goally has to offer, just let us know and we will cancel your subscription. However, it's pretty rare that kid doesn't love their Goally when it's implemented the right way. That's what our parent coaching calls are for!


Parents & Pros Goally's purple heart. Goally

"Within a week of using Goally's Mood Tuner, our daughter was going through her schedule with ease and very few meltdowns!"

— Frances E.

"Lifesaving game changer! So great to have a device that supports the daily routine for our neurotypical loved ones. The one-on-one coaching with the company is really great too!"


The concept, flexibility, extensibility, and execution of your product was done very well.


"My autistic 3 year old just got points for Being Kind because he hugged his brother. He had not once acknowledged his brother till today and he’s 4 months old."

—Sara M.


Goally takes the nagging & tears out of bedtime routines.

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