How to Wash Dishes by Hand

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Isn’t it surprising how something so mundane as dishwashing can turn into a bonding activity? Ah, the sheer joy of watching your little ones grasp a sponge and tackle their first plate, all with that precious look of determination. More than just a chore, teaching kids ‘how to wash dishes by hand’ can boost their confidence and develop responsibility. And guess what? We’ve crafted a guide that perfectly complements our Goal Mine class video for young learners. So, parents, read on while letting the kiddos enjoy the video to learn the skill firsthand!

Step NumberAction
Step 1Wash the Dishes
Step 2Rinse the Dishes
Step 3Dry the Dishes

Step 1: Wash the Dishes

  • Introducing the Soap and Sponge: Every good story starts with a strong foundation, and in our tale, it’s soap and sponge. Hand your kids a soft sponge, show them how to add a few drops of soap, and let them squeeze it until bubbles form. Highlight that the bubbles are their little helpers, making the plates sparkle.
  • The Art of Scrubbing: Now, this might be their favorite part. It is essential to teach them the difference between a light scrub for glasses and a firmer one for stubborn curry stains. However, remember to remind them they’re not wrestling the dish; massage it.
    For example, if there’s some stubborn leftover spaghetti sauce, advise them to let the dish soak for a few minutes. Above all, ensure that they know not all dishes are alike. Some are fragile, like grandma’s china, and others are tough, like dad’s barbecue plate.
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how to wash dishes by hand. a kid is rinsing the dishes.
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Step 2: Rinse the Dishes

  • The Water Dance: Turning on the tap can be thrilling for kids. Teach them to adjust the water to a lukewarm temperature, neither too hot nor too cold. Subsequently, demonstrate how to hold the dish under the running water, ensuring every bubble and speck of soap is gone. Similarly, with every utensil, they’ll get the hang of it. And if a few splashes lead to giggles, that’s just a bonus.
  • For those Stubborn Suds: Sometimes, soap can be a tad bit clingy. But here’s a trick. Have a separate bowl with a mix of water and vinegar at hand. Letting the dishes take a quick dip in this mix ensures that every bit of soap residue is gone. And meanwhile, your kids learn another cool cleaning hack.

Step 3: Dry the Dishes

  • Patience and Precision: Drying isn’t just about wiping water off; it’s about ensuring each dish is ready for its subsequent use. Hand them a soft cloth and teach them the art of wiping each dish, getting into the nooks and crannies. Most importantly, ensure they place the dried dishes safely, ready for their next culinary adventure.
  • Turning Chores into Fun: It’s a joy watching them turn a task into a game. For instance, imagine two dishes being two characters from their favorite show chatting. Let their creativity run wild, but, of course, without any dish-dropping drama!

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The Final Rundown In parenting, even small chores can be giant leaps for your kids. While learning ‘how to wash dishes by hand,’ they also pick up values of responsibility, patience, and creativity. To sum up, with every plate and pot, they’re not just washing away the grime but also building confidence, one bubble at a time. On that note, if you found this guide enlightening and would love for your child to dive deeper into the world of responsibilities and chores, consider investing in Goally’s dedicated Tablet. It’s packed with more video lessons, including the subsequent steps of ‘how to wash dishes by hand.’ The embedded YouTube video you’ve just witnessed only scratched the surface with step #1. So, why wait? Unlock a world of learning today!

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